The Ghazi Attack Cast and Crew- Terrific Performances All Over

The Ghazi attack cast and crew

Before presenting you with The Ghazi Attack cast and crew, let’s have a close look at how the movie is performing so far.

Well, as you know, the movie is based on the real life battle of warriors, (both from India and Pakistan), it shows a little more than it presumes. With a great screenplay, script writing and dialogues, individual performances of the Co-stars, the film has been performing great at the box office.

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The writer and director of the film- Sankalp Reddy has presented the whole saga through this film, which the audience has already been enjoying. This becomes quite evident by looking at the opening day figures at the box office. As per an estimate, the film has collected almost Rs. 11 Crores on its grand opening day. It seems the audience has generated special likings, especially by looking at the huge and remarkable battle performed under water.

The Ghazi Attack cast and crew- Showcase of a true battle held in 1971

The Ghazi attack cast and crew
The Ghazi attack cast and crew | Image Credit: YouTube

The Ghazi Attack cast and crew should be given the credit of performing every single act with full potential and to make the entire happening look real. Other than that, it’s the dialogues and the peppy music that also helped the film look great. The movie is also a way to remind you about a war that no one knows before. If we talk in terms of box office numbers, then a credit should be given to The Ghazi Attack cast and crew for their overall solid performance. The film has been performing pretty well in the absence of famous stars.

Let’s have a look at The Ghazi Attack cast and crew:

Movie Name:                                        The Ghazi Attack
Genre:                                                    Action and Drama
Released Date:                                   February 17,  2017
Directed By:                                       Sankalp Reddy
Produced By:                                      Karan Johar
Casts:                                                 Taapsee Pannu (Ananya), Rana Daggubati (Lt.Commander Arjun), Kay                                                                              Kay Menon (Capt. Ranvijay Singh), Om puri, Atul Kulkarni                                                                                          Bikramjeet, Rahul Singh

Sound–                                                 Tapas Nayak
Writer–                                                Sankalp Reddy
Duration–                                          125 minutes
Music Director-                                Krishna Kumar
Background Music –                      Krishna Kumar
Editor–                                                 Sreekar Prasad
Dialogue–                                            Azad Alam
Shooting Location-                            India
Cinematographer–                             Madhie
Screenplay–                                         Ganga Raju Gunnam, Niranjan Reddy, Sankalp Reddy