KGF Box Office Collection Day 7- The Kannada Movie Progresses Towards Rs 150 Crore Mark

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KGF Box Office Collection Day 7Before we make you aware of KGF box office collection day 7, let us take you through the journey of this Kannada movie at the box office ever since it was released.

As per the latest Bollywood news, KGF has been able to maintain the kind of consistency in terms of box office collection as it was expected from the film.

As we just updated you that KGF is about to enter into the club of Rs 150 crore, the Kannada film is expected to break even more records until Ranveer Singh and Sara Ali Khan’s Simmba gets released.

Ever since KGF was released, it had stiff competition from Shahrukh Khan Zero which is still declining in the box office collection right at the moment.

The reasons why Zero is not able to perform as it was expected is something that we will discuss later in this post.

But first, we would like to take you through the journey of KGF that came into the existence ever since it started collecting a decent amount at the box office.

Nobody had expected that KGF will take away the success from the mouth of Zero. But there are certain reasons why the audience rejected the film.

Although, Zero is not performing so badly, but the amount of money spent in its marketing and advertising is quite huge as compare to KGF.


KGF box office collection day 7- The film made $30,000 on Friday

Talking about KGF box office collection day 7, we would like to update you that this film is doing marvelously well even at the foreign soil.

As per  the latest Bollywood news, KGF has become the sole regional film that has made a mark in the US box office as well.

As per the recent facts and figures, the Kannada film has made close to $30,000 crore on December 27, 2018 from as many as 60 locations all over the US.

Now, if we calculate the overall collection of KGF in the first week in the US, it comes out to be $500,000.This is purely the first week’s collection of KGF at the US box office.


KGF box office collection day 7- The Kannada film collects Rs Rs 112.95 crore

Take a look at some more figures coming in connection with the overall collection of KGF. Well, the film has managed to excel at every possible location. This proves how much appreciation it has been getting from the audience.

KGF was released on December 21, 2018 along with SRK’s Zero. On the opening day itself, KGF started collecting handsomely well at the box office.

Within the next few days, it emerged as a clear winner in the race of box office collection from SRK’s Zero.

Now, giving you some more figures of KGF has managed to grab almost Rs 112.95 crore globally. Out of this figure, almost Rs 93 crore has come all the way from India itself.

You might be going skeptical about the box office collection of KGF in the time to come. Well, we would like to tell you that KGF may again have to go through stiff competition from Sara Ali Khan and Ranveer Singh’s Simmba that has been directed by none other than Rohit Shetty.

KGF happens to be the first part of the entire two part series. The film has been released in as many as four languages that include Tamil, Kannada, Hindi and Malayalam.


KGF box office collection day 7- The Kannada film managed to maintain its consistency

For now, we can say that KGF has almost become the established player at the box office.

This is because it is now almost one week since the film was released. It’s a perfect time to analyze a film in terms of its performance at the box office.

But most film critics didn’t wait for long to give their verdict. As per some leading film critics, KGF looked mostly fine but with some issues. Most of them gave three stars rating out of the five stars.

The best part of KGF is that it maintain edits momentum at the box office. Well, it looks quite evident at the thunderous box office collection globally.

The film also became headline as it outperformed Shahrukh Khan’s Zero that was his home production and was made with an approximate budget of over Rs 600 crore.

Zero happened to be the most expensive film in the life of his career. And that’s why everybody had some great expectation from the film right from the day one.

But it could not attain the kind of success as it was being expected.

On the other hand, KGF always looked standing like a rock. Ever since it gained momentum, it continued its own winning spree at the box office by collecting Rs 112.95 crore globally in a span of 6 days.


KGF box office collection day 7- Prashanth Neel’s film is going steady

We have already elaborated the overall performance of Kannada movie KGF which is currently being appreciated all over. You might be looking forward to at least know the movie plot.

Well, the story of KGF mainly revolves around Raja Bairya aka Rocky whose life has become miserable due to poverty.

This is the time when his mother wants him to go to Bombay and try to seek both power and wealth.

At this time, he lands up at some other place that was later revealed. It was near Kolar Gold Fields after he gets involved with someone who is gold mafia.

Please note that KGF happens to grab positive reviews both from the film critics and the audience. KGF: Chapter One stars none other than Yash, Srinidhi Shetty, Achyuth Kumar and Anant Nag.