‘In a Valley of Violence’ Shows the Revenge In Its Classic Slow Burning Scenes

In a Valley of Violence
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The movie ‘In a Valley of Violence‘ revolves around Paul (as Ethan Hawke) and his adorable dog (Jumpy).

Paul is known to be a mysterious drifter. At present, he plans to make his way towards Mexico and covering the most silent and barren desert that comes from the old west.

As the journey is going to be long and tiring, they try to shorten their distance by moving through the centre of a large valley. After they continue travelling down, they tend to reach at an unknown place- Town of Denton.

The place which has now become the town of Dronton is dubbed as the valley of violence by the localities. The valley of violence was once known to be a famous mining place. But now, it has become almost an abundant place and controlled by a brash group of foolish people.

Among all these nitwits, and misfits, Gilly (James Ransone) is their chief. He’s not only the chief, but also famous making troubles unnecessarily. He’s the son of the most troubled and unforgiving Marshal (John Travolta).

The tension starts mounting between Gilly and Paul, all the residents of the town of Denton becomes the witness to start an impeachable act of violence and igniting a disastrous and unexpected chain reaction.

All this mishap soon turns out to be an unavoidable tragedy and infects the lives of local residents. Soon, all converts the whole town into the bloody crossfires of revenge.

Between all the stupid acts, two bickering sisters by the name Ellen (Karen Gillan) and Mary-Anne (Taissa Farmiga) are fortunate enough as being allowed to run the only hotel in a valley of violence. Both the sisters try to look out the good and deserving in both men.

They are also looking something for their own salvation. Initially, the film shows how the world-weary Marshal starts struggling to stop the violent and obvious hysteria. But after knowing enough about Paul’s past, the process of escalation doesn’t take a halt.


Paul gets a warning from the priest not to enter ‘In a Valley of Violence’

Paul looks much like a stone-faced young lad. He likes to travel alone on his way to Mexico via an unknown deserted valley by the name ‘In a Valley of Violence’.

During his journey, he comes across a dissipated priest who warns him not to enter the valley beyond all those ever mounting hills. Now, you must be wondering what’s all inside. Well, let’s unveil the suspense.

Inside the huge and ever mounting hills, there is a town by the name ‘town of Drenton’. This town is altogether different than the normal civilized ones. The film ‘In a valley of violence’ shows the town to be a place where sin and chaos rein.

The town is somewhat mysterious and sits right in the heart of the plain and dusty desert. It looks empty at the first sight. Anyone can see the Church windows are boarded up.

This is not a good sign anyway. Now, at this point, James in an unusual manner gets into an altercation (which nobody wants to go for long) with none other than Gilly (James Ransom).

The film shows the Marshal returning to town way before the reprisals actually erupt.

Even by knowing the real situation that his son is a real moron, he tries to diffuse the situation by making a guess that Paul looks much like a military personnel.