Before the Flood- To Prevent Global Climate Change

global climate change
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The story “Before the Flood” is an epic documentary staring Leonardo DiCaprio.

He decides to travel around the world not only to examine the effects of global climate change, but also to learn the probable ways to prevent such a huge catastrophic damage that could otherwise have the capability to make our planet unsustainable for human lives.

The movie shows his influence towards making the climate safe and in this direction he speaks with some influential figures of the country like President Barack Obama, Elon Musk (tech innovator), Francis Pope. He delivers a provocative speech before the UN (United Nations) for a massive action on the issue.

The movie involves the intrusion of a celebrity to circulate the awareness among the masses for a common cause.

This is to protect the global climate change for a possible flood or any adverse situation. In doing so, it needs to have the greatest strength as what the actor uses his clout and coerce influential figures, none other than the President Barack Obama along with Pope Francis.

==================He uses all his strength to make them appear in front of the camera and address on the topic.

global climate change
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The actor then takes the advantage of his lack of enough knowledge on the topic as he doesn’t come from a scientific background.

The film “Before the Flood” seems interesting to watch with, albeit, not digging much ground. But it talks about the sincerity of the situation along with its severity and giving it an undeniable urgency.

The movie, although talks about the issue of global climate change, is based on two prologues. One talks about the actor Leonardo DiCaprio, where he simply discusses about his childhood.

He stresses on the fact that he grew up instilling a sincere awareness of both social and environmental degradation from an early age.

However, the second is about the procession of great intellectuals talking about the issue none other than Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity.

The introduction seems a bit effective pointing towards his overall thought process that also gives a clue what he’s up against.


Leonardo DiCaprio talks extensively about global climate change

The film largely depicts the role of DiCaprio as a United Nations messenger of peace. He’s given an assignment for which he has to travel all the way from the Alberta oil fields to the city of Shanghai that looks completely smog-choked. Well, the list is not short as it looks.

It comprises some other nations, including India, Greenland, Polynesia and of course the White House. This was to interview a number of great intellectuals about quite unequivocal evidence, telling the story of the earth’s global climate change.

Leonardo DiCaprio seems the most effective audience surrogate where he asks great leaders and scientists with all sorts of questions.

The most challenging moment for the actor comes in front of him after he visits India, where he talks about the global climate change and gets the provocation on his nation (Ameria) centric biases by an Indian activist none other than Sunita Narain.

She triggers a question which says how can a nation like the U.S asks India to risk its own developmental process that seems more tenuous that the U.S itself looks hesitant to subside?

The film “Before the Flood” largely succeeds as it focuses those victims of the global climate change who are known as the ground level victims.

They’re the real and actual victims like the Polar bears (Arctic region) and many like them.