Zero Box Office Collection- SRK Movie Slips and Scrambles Down

zero box office collection

Zero Box Office Collection Just before the release of this SRK movie, you can see everyone predicting the Zero box office collection.

Well,this is what is happening for the past couple of days. It’s not unusual in anyway but only reflects the kind of curiosity every time when Shahrukh Khan movies are released.

As per the latest Bollywood news, different brass of people has come forward with their own theory to predict the Zero box office collection. Some says it will cross Rs 25 crore, while others predict that the film will cross Rs 27 crore.  

There is no doubt about the fact that Zero is a big release and almost every other person linked with the film directly or indirectly, including fans like to know how much this film collects at the box office.


Zero box office collection- May collect Rs 25-27 crore on day one

The film shooting was started as early as one year back. In fact, there are plenty of workforce behind this film (like any other film). But what makes a movie successful lies on the kind of stuff it comes with.

In other words, there are several factors that are solely responsible to make a film successful.

when you publicize so much about a movie which is about to release, but in reality, you are in no way meeting the audience’s expectations in terms of offering them quality entertainment, then you can’t expect it sporting a decent figure at the box office.   

On the other hand, filmmakers are already aware of this and try to do everything to make a film successful at the box office.

Zero is a big budget film and has been directed by none other than Anand L Rai. It has been filmed in several parts of the country and overseas.

Now, coming back to the Zero box office collection, if we analyze what most trade experts believe in this regard, it would be far better than the predictions given by others. This is because trade experts analyze everything before giving a verdict to a film.


Zero box office collection- The film looks keen to make  Rs 27 Crore on the first day of release

As per Girish Johar (trade expert), this Shahrukh Khan movie is going to make somewhere close to Rs 27 crore.

Most of them believe that the film will surely cross Rs 25 crore on day 1. There are several reasons why they predict such a verdict for this movie.

One is that Friday (December 21, 2018) is not a holiday. So, you cannot expect too much rush on its opening day.

Still, it is expected that the film would attract the majority of audience who love to watch Shahrukh Khan movies.

The other factor that can also go in the favor of this SRK new release is that the film has been publicized and marketed well.

This is also going to make a positive effect on the movie as it all depends on the kind of promotion you try to go with a movie which is about to release.

No matter, how good your film is, if you lack in the promotion (marketing) part, it won’t be able to work for you.

And this is where they have spent a huge amount in the promotional part. In other words, the indications that are coming forth are going to boost the makers.

But everything depends only after the film gets released on December 21, 2018.


Zero Movie Cast

Now, before we give you more insights on Zero box office collection, let us take you through Zero movie cast who have done all the hard work along with many others who have done their job behind the screens.

Movie Name:                               Zero (Dwarf)
Genre:                                            Romance / Comedy
Released Date:                          December 21, 2018
Directed By:                                Anand L Rai
Produced By:                              Anand L Rai,Gauri Khan
Casts:                                           ShahRukh Khan, Anushka Sharma, Katrina Kaif, Abhay Deol 

Well, if you are one of the Shahrukh Khan fans, you might be aware that this film witnesses Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif along with SRK in their lead roles. Zero happens to be the  Shahrukh Khan latest movie to be released today.


Zero movie director is known to make romantic block busters

Zero happens to be Shahrukh Khan new movie directed by none other than Anand L Rai, who is known to make memorable romantic films. This film has been produced by Gauri Khan.

The budget of this film is close to Rs 200 crore. And the music directors of this SRK film happen to be Tanishk Bagchi along with Ajay Atul.

Now, what has come forward after conversing with a majority of people across the country is that most people look quite optimistic about the performance of Zero on the box office today.

For example, those who are one of the die hard fans of Shahrukh Khan will definitely come to watch his new release. They do not have to look around any other thing except to watch the latest SRK movie.

On the other hand, there are some other kinds of spectators who just want to go to the theaters to watch the movie as they like watching SRK movies.

These people look optimistic and hope that the makers do not dishearten their expectation after the film is released today.

This is because the audience likes to get entertained with something new and overwhelming movie plot.

They do not like to watch the same old repeated stories again and again. And in this aspect, it looks like Zero is doing fine at the moment.


Shahrukh Khan Zero character Bauaa has become famous even before the film’s release

Well, as we are talking about Zero box office collection and predicting what is going to happen after the film is opened on the very first day, there are some other things that are really need to look upon.

One being the fact, that the SRK character in the movie Bauaaa is already going popular among fans. Well,this is nothing but the right marketing tactics where it looks everything going on the right track.

But if you really want to assess the zero box office collection in real terms, then there is nothing better idea than to wait for some more time.

Bauua Singh’s perfect love story with Aafia 

The lead character in Zero movie is being played by none other than Shahrukh Khan as Bauua Singh.

It shows how Bauua Singhfalls in love with someone named Aafia who is none other than a scientist (Anushka Sharma). Just like Bauua, Aafia is also suffering from an ailment Cerebral Palsy.

With the passage of time, their love story starts rolling on a higher note and extends from India to the USA and finally to the space.

In the entire path, both of them face a plethora of challenges. Now, this is what you need to explore while you watch the film.


Zero Movie Plot

The movie plot of Zero starts right from Meerut where Bauua Singh wishes to squander the property of his father.

It’s the same time when he gets besotted with Babita Kumari (Katrina Kaif). Bauua Singh looks impulsive all the way even though he is quite short in height. And this never bothers him in anyway.

Things start moving at a faster pace when Bauua stumbles into the life of Aafia who looks equally dashing just like her education. She’s professionally a scientist.

Now, she’s suffering from another ailment known as cerebral palsy. But this does not come along in between their relationship.

The most peculiar thing in the movie is that both of them are in a relationship in spite of being entirely different in their personalities. After some time, Babita Kumari takes an entry into Bauua’s romantic life.


Bauua’s love story lands on to the Mars

Well, as the movie continues further, the ideas most likely get audacious only in the 2nd half.

Here it shows how Bauua’s love relationship starts travelling to Mumbai where the love story gets a twist in the presence of a number of top Bollywood stars.

Here, the two Khans – Shah Rukh and Salman come together, as you watch them together in the song Issaqbaazi. Their love story continues to travel to the US. It does not stop here but continues to the Mars.


Zero Box Office Collection- SRK Film Slips and Scrambles Down

Well, the latest Bollywood news coming in about SRK film Zero is that the movie is being reported to have slowed down further. In terms of box office collection, it has collected Rs 90 crore so far, almost failed to reach the Rs 100 crore mark as well.

On the other hand, Yash starrer KGF is going fine. The Hindi version of this Kannada movie is standing like rock solid with collections of over 37 crore in a span of 17 days.