Editorial Policy

In the publishing world today, there needs to be the freedom to express one’s thoughts. It not only includes the right to hold but also the right to impart and receive opinions as well.

These editorial guidelines best represent the right to freely publish and report along with the right for continued access to the public information. In that sense, you can’t neglect the freedom of the press as well that plays a vital role publishing hundreds of coverage within a limited time frame.

And this separates it from any other agency responsible to better create news that can help people to take their own decisions after going through it.

Code of Practice to Create News

At Bollywoodnewsflash, news creation is basically done using a straightforward process without any sort of confusion.

All our editors are instructed to follow the recommended guidelines at the time of using the material submitted by our journalists in this regard.

In general, before submitting the material, they need to satisfy themselves that it gets contributed to the non-staff members as per the said directions.

This is all done to maintain the level of trust in the distribution of any such material going to be published on the website.

In short, the basic guideline that needs to be followed at the time of generating the news basically demands self-restraint both by journalists and editors. Additionally, this also applies in the spirit of each and every professional out there.