The Ghazi Attack Movie Review- Solid Performances With a Riveting Story

The Ghazi attack movie review

The Ghazi attack movie review relates to the famous Indo-Pakistan war occurred in 1971. The film showcases the war between the two neighboring countries.

It’s the first film in the history of Indian cinema depicting the underwater naval attack between the two countries. The film happens to be one of a kind that shows rare fight between two naval forces. The most peculiar thing about the war is that it all happened under water.

The display of the movie is awesome along with its nerve fighting scenes.

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The plot depicts the story way back in 1971 and is a kind of real courage to decode the mystery during the war that became the cause behind the sinking of Pakistan’s submarine named PNS Ghazi.

As per the Ghazi attack movie review, you may find a big disclaimer at the begining of the film to uncover the mystery behind the fight of two arch rivals and is mainly inspired by some rare historic events.

The Ghazi attack movie review
The Ghazi attack movie review | Image Credit: YouTube

While narrating the Ghazi attack movie review, how can you forget about the displsy of the movie which is unbelievably awesome! The main plot that is being highlighted in the movie is that during the great fight during 1971, India’s INS-Rajput had attacked (and was on the upper side) Pakistan’s submarine Ghazi. INS-Rajput of India is now changed to S-21 in the film that had actually attacked Pakistan’s submarine that resulted its immediate sinking near the country’s eastern coast.

The Ghazi Attack Movie Review- This underwater story is a true sensation

The director and writer of the film The Ghazi Attack – Sankalp Reddy should be credited with bringing the fictional S-21 Indian submarine for not only torpedoing Pakistan’s submarine Ghazi but also bringing the huge carrier to its end. The duration of the film is over 2 hours, but seems to have a remarkably tight display of characters.

Along with that, the screenplay also looks amazing and hard to believe. No one knows what’s going on between the two submarines, but the fact is that a simple  mouse-and-cat game is being played between the warriors of both Ghazi and Indian submarine S-21.

Along with other co-laterals, the action sequences and the script writing also look brilliant. The first half of the movie mainly shows the usual conflict between a sincere but hot-headed captain and cool minded Lt. Commander who has been ordered to keep a check on the captain.

The second half of the movie steadily witnesses a change the working of the Commandar after a tragedy that becomes the reason to shift the conflict from personal levels to physical (between Indian submarine S-21 and Ghazi).