Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy explains how Bollywoodnewsflash along with its subsidiaries (if any) gathers your details at the time you visit the website (desktop version), mobile version or by using any other digital platform or applications to which this privacy policy is collectively (websites) linked.

By including the term website(s), we simply mean the inclusion of all sub domains of the concerned website and (or) its content, features, services, data, code and (or) functionality is made available through any of the websites.

The privacy policy states the type and kind of information that we collect for the benefit of our users; and the probable use of that information for updating the contents already present on the website. This is solely done in the interest of the user.

However, it all depends on you to view the content already published on the website along with using any services of the concerned website.

The privacy policy connected with this website eventually applies to the information accessed or used using any modes or channel like personal PCs, mobile devices or any other digital mode or device. It’s usually incorporated into the website and the terms of use at any point of time.

Let’s have a quick look at some other crucial aspects that equally serves relevant to us in addition to the facts given or reproduced.

Each time you visit the website for any purpose whatsoever, you eventually agree to abide all the terms and conditions of this privacy policy and consent to the use, disclosure, collection and disclosing your information in any way in accordance with this policy given herein.

The PII (Personally Identifiable Information) given by you is generally used to contact or identify you (in person) or as an individual.

The information includes your personal email address, name, contact details, telephone number or any such information that is associated with any of the foregoing.

In addition to the content or information provided on the website, we may also offer some other websites or editorial content published in the interest of the user by BNF through subscription forms that are equally linked with this privacy policy.

Let’s dig in more about such subscription pages that are considered exactly like the website and therefore comes under the guidelines of third privacy policy.

However, the clause doesn’t apply in the case of the information provided by some third party websites.

Please also take a note about some other features of the websites that may be subjected to some other privacy conditions and are incorporated under this privacy policy.


Information that we collect when you visit our website

(a) Your personal information

Whenever you intend to participate in a contest, survey or comment on posts, you’re asked to first register for those portions of the website that may require your personal info.

Without an exception, you need to provide your personal information on such places that would otherwise won’t allow to complete your registration process.

Most of the time, you’re asked to submit your personal information like your name, billing address, shipping address, phone number, email address, etc.

We collect all such information as well as any other info you provide. However, we don’t share any such personal information to any third party.

We would like to make sure that your identity is most crucial to us and in no circumstances, we intend to share them. 

In case, if you elect to post anything to any of our channels including social networking forums or any other community, then you may do so. The published post would include your pseudonym and may be available for others to view (as per your consent).

(b) Credit card and billing related information-

We have all our vendors in place to swiftly store and collect your credit card or billing related information. This is done to streamline the process of payment and to help you subscribe any of our publications. We’re also about to use third party vendors to process the payments for the successful transactions of payments. These payments and billing information are subject to our privacy policy.

(c) Information related to social networking

You will be given an access to link your information as well as account with the third party networking website. In such cases, all your login credentials and other details are conducted through third party vendors. While doing all such actions, you will be allowing us to access certain piece of information stored on such social networking sites.


Security is an integral part of our privacy policy and for that we’re quite sure to have undertaken concrete steps to safeguard to help prevent any kind of security lapse.

It can also be to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, use or disclosure of any information collected.

While BNF uses all its efforts to protect your personal and sensitive information, at the same time, we can not guarantee you its safety and security. Your use of website(s) in any way indicates your agreement with us to take up the risk.

Disputes– Any disputes that arise due to this privacy policy will be subject to our terms of use and (or) damages done in any respect. The above privacy policy under no circumstances create rights that are enforceable by third parties.

Contact Us- You may contact us about anything related to this privacy policy. In that case, you may contact our privacy policy coordinator.