How Taylor Swift Extended Support to WWE Wrestler Jeff Jarrett’s Family During His Wife’s Illness

Taylor Swift

Jarrett recently decided to open up regarding the kindness act of pop singer Taylor Swift during his difficult time.


The renowned WWE wrestler Jeff Jarrett clarified a rumor that Taylor Swift once babysat his kids.

In a recent interview with WREG News Channel 3 in Memphis, Jarrett explained that Swift is a “friend of the family” and was “very supportive to my family during a very, very tough period” He said.


How Taylor Swift Extended Support to WWE Wrestler Jeff Jarrett’s Family During His Wife’s Illness

It all happened when his wife, Jill, fell ill before her passing in 2007. It was Taylor Swift who “was like a big sister” to his daughters, Jerlyn, Jaclyn, and Joslyn.

Jarrett further stated, “Taylor would come over, bake cookies with the girls, and spend time at the house,” Jarrett told the news station. “I can’t praise Taylor enough.”

He went on saying, “Swift is such a sweetheart. I still refer to her as ‘our girl,’ and now she’s mixing with the NFL crowd,” alluding to Swift’s relationship with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce.

Addressing the childcare rumor, Jarrett clarified his stand, “She was never on the Jeff Jarrett payroll. So, technically, she wasn’t a babysitter.”

The pro wrestler has given his stand regarding Taylor Swift many times in the past as well. Jarrett has also recalled in the past about an incident when one of his daughters decided to portray a sweet and younger version of the pop star in her music video titled “Mine.”



He further elaborated, “In the 2010 music video titled, ‘Mine,’ my daughter Jaclyn resembled a young Taylor,” he shared with the Instinct Culture podcast in 2021. “Taylor, known for her boldness, simply said, ‘I want Jaclyn in the video.’ The creativity in the video is remarkable.”


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