M. Night Shyamalan Finds Inspiration for His Next Movie from Taylor Swift’s Concerts

Taylor Swift

Night Shyamalan has unveiled an unexpected reason for his upcoming film: Taylor Swift’s concerts.

The director who has been nominated for Oscars chose to reveal the very concept behind his forthcoming thriller, “Trap,” in a recent interview with Empire. The film is all set to hit theaters next month.

The self made director just had a brief speech where he chose to pitch in front of the British film magazine. This is when he posed an obvious question, “What if The Silence of the Lambs took place at a Taylor Swift concert?”

As per what the Trap Trailer shows that was released last month, a father and his daughter attends a concert which looks so crowded. In the concert, they come across the fictional pop star Lady Raven.

The father, who’s being played by Josh Hartnett suddenly sees that all concert goers are being watched closely to nail down a serial killer, also known by the name “The Butcher.” The newly released trailer indicates it to be a Hartnett’s character.


M. Night Shyamalan Finds Inspiration for His Next Movie from Taylor Swift’s Concerts

Besides drawing inspiration from the Eras Tour-like setting and the psychological thriller atmosphere reminiscent of 1991’s The Silence of the Lambs, Shyamalan also shared with the magazine that his film also draws from a genuine 1985 police sting operation. Beyond its dramatic themes, the director of The Sixth Sense seemed to relish the experience of crafting a concert specifically for the film’s narrative.

This is what he finally has to explain to the Empire, “One of the reasons to come see the movie at the movie theater is because there’s literally a real concert that you can see nowhere except in that movie.”

Lady Raven, portrayed by Shyamalan’s daughter Saleka, has garnered immense popularity just like Swift, who launched her successful international Eras Tour over a year ago.

The singer of “Cruel Summer” has given loads of great records while performing in front of thousand of audiences at almost every concert.

It’s quite recently that Taylor Swift performed for over 3 consecutive nights in the Netherlands. Her next stops will be in Switzerland, where she is scheduled to perform in Zürich later this week.


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