De De Pyaar De Box Office Collection Day 2- Ajay Devgn Starrer Gains Momentum, Earns Rs 23.80 Crore

de de pyaar de

De De Pyaar De box office collection Day 2– Even before the release of Ajay Devgn and Tabu starrer on May 17, there was already some sort of speculation going on in the back-end, discussing the film’s performance at the box office.


de de pyaar de collection


This is due to the presence of a plethora of star casts including Ajay Devgn and Tabu who now represent the senior Bollywood bandwagon along with some junior stars like Rakul Preet Kaur.

Before we give you an idea about De De Pyaar De box office collection day 2, let’s discuss how the film recently managed to gain the momentum by attracting more eyeballs and letting the audience come in to the theaters.

If you take a look at what Ajay Devgn commented in his last statement about the film, you will come to know the fact that this movie is quite different than other romantic sagas.


de de pyaar de box office collection


As we earlier stated in the last post, this film is all about the romance that evolves between an elderly aged couple and a young girl of 26 years of age.


Movie Name:                                      De De Pyaar De
Genre:                                                    Romance, Comedy
Released Date:                                   May 17, 2019 
Directed By:                                         Akiv Ali
Produced By:                                      Bhushan Kumar, Ankur Garg, Luv Ranjan
Casts:                                                      Tabu, Ajay Devgn, Rakul Preet Kaur


Now, speaking on De De Pyaar De box office collection Day 2, the makers were expecting some great results from this film ever since it hit the big screen.

After opening with a steady start, it actually started gaining momentum from Saturday. After the span of 2 days, it collected Rs 23.80 crore at the box office.

Please know that this Akiv Ali’s directorial debut movie De De Pyaar De witnessed a surge in collections on Saturday.

Confining to the numbers, we can say that the film was approximately 40% up on Saturday than Friday. On day 2 (Saturday), the movie managed to collect Rs 13.39 crore.


De De Pyaar De box office collection day 2- The film minted Rs 10.41 crore on day 1

Talking exclusively on De De Pyaar De box office collection right at the moment, we can say that the movie (so far) collected Rs 23.80 crore.

It minted close to Rs 10.41 crore on day 1 that also includes the amount on paid previews on Thursday (a day before the release).

So far, it’s been reported that the movie is doing well, especially in the metro cities. The business is picking up mostly in tier-2 cities. As per some of the well known trade experts who are already aware of various insights about films, the film is going to score big from day 3 onward.


de de pyaar de box office collection


As per the makers, De De Pyaar De falls in the category of quirky romantic story and was released more than 3000 screens across the country could not see some great results after its release, as it was being expected.

In fact, the Tabu and Ajay Devgn starrer witnessed a dull start in the beginning. However, it also witnessed some kind of aggression in numbers mostly in the night and evening shows. And finally, it gained momentum on Saturday.

As we stated earlier too, the film basically revolves around Ashish who happens to be a 50 year old businessman.

This particular role is being played bby Ajay Devgn. He falls in love with Ayesha, who is a 26 year old engineer (Rakul Preet Kaur). The plot rally starts only when Ashish intends to meet her with his wife and family.


Ajay Devgn starrer falls prey in the hands of piracy website

Till now, everything was going almost perfectly fine for the film. But as per the latest Bollywood news, this Rakul Preet Kaur starrer was massively hit, especially when it fell pray in the hands of piracy portal TamilRockers.

de de pyaar de box office collection


As per the industry insiders, it is going to be a major blow to the makers as the film was leaked online by the above piracy portal in full HD print. Now, this is quite unexpected as such incidences are growing more in numbers. This is because movies obviously get affected by such kinds of illicit practices.

Now, coming back to another front which is equally related to De De Pyaar De box office collection day 2, the film has already witnessed a dull start, but soon gained momentum on Saturday.

You might be willing to know the valid reasons how the film actually started going steady since Saturday?

Well, if you take a look at what most trade analysts predicted about the box office collection of this film, you will come to know that almost all of them predicted that the film will perform better on the coming weekend. And this is what exactly happened.

Another reason that caused more people come in theaters to watch this film is none other than a strong word of mouth which is equally crucial for any film to rise up to the ladders of success.

On the other hand, most critics already had a mixed review for the movie, though the work of Tabu and Ajay Devgn was unanimously appreciated.


Most film critics give this film an average rating

Now, taking the reviews of some of the well known critics to let you know how they exactly feel about the film. Charu Thakur, who is one of the well known movie critics (India Today), gave a rating of 2 out of 5. In her statement, she reveals why she gave only 2 stars out of 5.



She says that the movie actually starts on a lousy note. Starting the review from the first part itself, she says it only showcased plenty of heavy flirting along with the clashes of romance.

She further elaborates that the director is unable to maintain a steady balance between the age-old moral values and the modern day romance.

As per Charu, the film not only fails to do justice on any one occasion but at many times. Although, the concept of the film is fine, the director is unable to showcase it on to the big screen in the legitimate way.


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