India’s Most Wanted to Clash with PM Narendra Modi biopic on May 24

India's most wanted

India’s Most Wanted As per the latest Bollywood news coming directly from the Bollywood fraternity is that two big budget films- India’s Most Wanted and Narendra Modi Biopic are going to clash on the coming May 24, 2019.


India's most wanted


You might have come across to the controversies regarding the release of PM Narendra Modi Biopic amid Lok Sabha elections 2019.


Movie Name:                                      India’s Most Wanted
Genre:                                                    Action/ Thriller
Released Date:                                   May 24, 2019 
Directed By:                                         Raj Kumar Gupta
Produced By:                                       Fox Star Studios, Raj Kumar Gupta
Casts:                                                       Arjun Kapoor, Amit Trivedi, Rajesh Sharma


As you know, the biopic on PM Narendra Modi created a lot of buzz across the country; the election commission had to postpone the release of this film at the later date. Earlier, this movie was scheduled to release on a different date.

But after the intervention of the Supreme Court of India, the biopic on Narendra Modi has been postponed and now will release along with Arjun Kapoor starrer India’s Most Wanted.

Most recently, Arjun Kapoor came forward for an interview regarding the clash of two big budget films. When somebody asked about his views on the clash of the two upcoming Bollywood movies, then he replied on a clear note. He said that there is nothing like clash as such.


India’s Most Wanted to release after the election results are announced

Speaking to the media personals, he elaborated that “I do not believe in the word clash as it is nothing like that.

Today, the people of the country have become smart and cool to differentiate between two films that are being released on the same date. Not only that, they know which film to watch. They can decide by using different means.

For example, before going to the theater, they can always go through the reviews and other feedback for a film. And they can later decide which film to watch. If you look all this in an entirely different scenario, you will be able to make it more quickly.

Just think about the number of films that are released on each weekend. Needless to say, hundreds of Bollywood films are released on the same date (in different languages and countries). In spite of that, each film is watched by the audience.

Along with that, each of the film that is produced has to go through the audience. This is because it is the audience that is going to make a movie hit or flop.

In that sense, I do not believe in the word “clash”. This is because the audience is going to differentiate the film they are going to watch.

You might be aware that much awaited results of Lok Sabha elections 2019 are going to be announced on May 23. And the very next day, you are going to witness the clash of India’s Most Wanted with PM Narendra Modi Biopic.

As we have already discussed about Arjun Kapoor starrer India’s Most Wanted, let’s take a look at the PM’s biopic which is to be released on the same date. This film is going to star none other than Vivek Oberoi who once had become the point of criticism.

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This is because he wanted to release the film as per the scheduled. But he had to face the criticism of most of the regional parties across India including the Congress party.

After so much of conflict, the issue was put forward on the table of Supreme Court of India (SC) that decided to postpone it until the elections are over. This is how the film was moved ahead and was given a new date of release.


Arjun Kapoor- The word ‘clash’ is sensationalized

When Arjun Kapoor was asked to comment on the clash of both the upcoming Bollywood movies, he replied that the word “clash” is being sensationalized.

India's most wanted


However, in the reality, there is nothing as such. More than that, the audience have grown smarter and cool and has all the capability to gauge a film according to them.

He continued giving more thoughts this. He further said “I simply do not believe on the so called clashes of films any longer. And the reality is that each and every film has its own merits and demerits. If you take the case of India’s Most Wanted, the audience will surely watch this film if they simply like it.

Today, there are different means of analyzing a movie that gets released on a particular date. For example, you can take the help of online review about a particular film before watching it. In the same ways, you may even like to go to any other mode to gauge a film in your own ways.

So, there is nothing like clash that I believe. If a film is fine, the audience will come and enjoy it. Otherwise, they will discard the film just like anything.

There are so many movies that get released in different languages (using a set budget). Every other movie is scrutinized by the audience as they happen to be the supreme commander to make a movie hit or flop.”


Arjun Kapoor replies on the fate of his film due to the upcoming clash

When the actor was asked about to comment, if the business of India’s Most Wanted is going to be affected due to the upcoming clash between the two films, he said that he does not feel like that.

He said “hundreds of movies are released on the same day. On the other hand, the audience has gone intelligent as they already know which movie to watch.”

The story of India’s Most Wanted actually revolves around an Indian intelligence officer who has no option but to nail down a deadly terrorist.

The upcoming Bollywood movie that sounds more like an espionage thriller is being rumored to be just regarding the arrest of well known terrorist Yasin Bhatkal who happened to be main conspirator in various attacking the J&K region. He was the one who co-founded the dreaded terror outfit- Indian Mujahideen.


The biopic on Prime Minister Narendra Modi starring Vivek Oberoi is known to be a much controversial and hyped film based on the life of our current PM Narendra Modi.

As you might remember amid so much controversy, the biopic was postponed that was originally supposed to release in the mid of the Lok Sabha elections. But at that time, it was strongly opposed and even criticized by the entire opposition as it might influence the voters.