Zero Box Office Collection Day 1- SRK Film Mints Rs 20.14 Crore Only. All Eyes on Weekend Performance

zero box office collection day 1

Zero Box Office Collection Day 1 At this time, it is almost clear that Shahrukh Khan latest movie Zero could not create the kind of magic as it was being expected. Even though, Zero under performed, it managed to grab Rs 20.14 crore at the box office on day 1.

zero box office collection day 1

While analyzing Zero box office collection day 1, we should also look into various other aspects as well. If you take a look when the film’s trailer was launched, it received appreciation all around. Not only that, people also liked everything including the story-line.

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If you look at the time when the film was actually shot (at different locations), the makers not only wanted to present something new but also entertaining.

Now, the latter part is missing in the movie as it looks quite evident from the Zero box office collection day 1. The reason how it lacked the entertainment part is something that we should leave it to the makers.

zero box office collection day 1

But still, there are so many things that we can analyze after looking at the under performance of Zero. Well, there is no doubt that this SRK film happens to be the big budget film like any other recently released movies including Akshay Kumar’s Robot 2.

Movie Name:                                 Zero (Dwarf)
Genre:                                            Romance / Comedy
Released Date:                          December 21, 2018
Directed By:                                Anand L Rai
Produced By:                              Anand L Rai,Gauri Khan
Casts:                                           ShahRukh Khan, Anushka Sharma, Katrina Kaif, Abhay Deol

And with the release of a big banner film, the expectations obviously begin to rise. And this is what the filmmakers also start expecting from the film. But the kind of opening that Zero has received is something does not look overwhelming.e

Zero Box Office Collection Day 1- All Eyes are set on Weekend Performance

For now, the only thing that needs to  be seen is the performance of Zero in the coming weekend. This is what we all can expect at the moment.

There can be several reasons why the film under performed against the expectations of everybody out there. The first reason can be the story line that does not look going great along with the movie.

zero box office collection day 1

If you take a look at what most critics has to say about Zero, it makes absolutely no sense at least in the first half of its screening. But it becomes clear only after the second part goes into the action.

As you can see, the love story of Bauua Singh (Shahrukh Khan) and Aafia (Anushka Sharma) goes on without a break. It shows further how their love story continues from one place to another. It starts right from Mumbai and ends it on the planet Mars via USA.

zero box office collection day 1

There is no doubt on the acting skills of Shahrukh Khan but this time, it is the story line that makes the entire film quite boring. Well, this is what most film critics have to believe as they gave a star rating of 2 to the film on a scale of 5.

The verdict given by most film critics’matters a lot and that is what it gets reflected on to the silver screen. This even looks quite clear after looking at the Zero box office collection day 1. The collection is not as per what it was estimated.

Well, even after the under performance of Zero at the box office, there is no need to get dishearten. This is because weekend is just around the corner and there is a lot the film can make in the time to come.


Zero Box Office Collection Day 1- Trade expert Taran Adarsh Verdict

Trade analyst Taran Adarsh also believes the same as we just outlined above. He says that the weekend collection is extremely crucial at the moment.

Adarsh said that there is no doubt that Zero under performed in spite of the upcoming Christmas holidays along with its extensive release on as many as 4380 screens. Now, the only hope for Zero relies on the weekend collection that includes both Saturday and Sunday.

zero box office collection day 1

Adarsh further tweeted about another film KGF (Kannada movie) that was released on the same day that starred Srinidhi Shetty and Yash.

As per the latest Bollywood news, this Kannada movie managed to collect Rs 25 crore on day 1. KGF was released in as many as five languages including Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi and Telugu.

Zero Box Office Collection Day 1- Box Office India Report Says the Collections are Quite Healthy

As you look around and start reading about the performance of Zero at the box office on day 1, you only have to come across that Zero under performed and didn’t rise as per the expectations soon after its release.

But as per the Box Office India report, Zero Box office collection day 1 is pretty healthy and should be taken into account with a positive frame of mind. If you analyze Zero’s verdict given by the audience on day 1, it resembled with some other films in many ways.

For example, the opening day of Akshay Kumar movie Robot 2 received a major applaud in multiplexes but it was far less at the smaller centers. In the same ways, it was quite similar with some other films like Raees and Dilwale on the first day opening.Z

Zero Box Office Collection Day 1- Film Critic Saibal Chattergi Reviews

As per one of the film critics Saibal Chatterji’s review, there is no doubt that Zero under performed and could not live up to the expectations. But do you think, this has to do anything with Shahrukh Khan? No way.

It’s because SRK gives more than hundred percent to any film he does. In other words, SRK can’t be faulted on the poor show of his latest movie Zero.

zero box office collection day 1

Zero stars Shahrukh Khan who is doing the role of a vertically challenged man Bauua Singh.

On the other hand, Anushka Sharma features in the film as an especially able scientist Aafia. The film also features Katrina Kaif who plays the role of a greedy and alcoholic actress named Babita Kumari.

Now, it all depends on the time to come. In spite of the poor performance of the film on day 1, there are a  few things that we should not keep aside.

One is the fact that there is no major release at least for the time to come. Other than that, there is a long haul of Christmas holidays waiting to knock your doors.

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