Latest Bollywood News December 18- Shahrukh Khan Replies What Will Happen If Zero Fails to Impress

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Latest Bollywood News December 18- In the biz world, it’s a common phenomenon to see one film doing well at the box office while the other one lags behind. In other words, the audience rate a particular film as per its merit. As per the latest Bollywood news December 18, hundreds of films are produced each year and only a few of them manage to get the respectable figure at the box office.

Today, everyone who is a part of the entertainment industry knows very well about this fact. So, you can say that earnings are directly dependent on the fate of the film. If the audience does not like a particular movie due to any reason, it is not going to work.

Movie Name:                                   Zero (Dwarf)
Genre:                                              Romance / Comedy
Released Date:                              December 21, 2018
Directed By:                                  Anand L Rai
Produced By:                               Anand L Rai, Gauri Khan
Casts:                                             ShahRukh Khan, Anushka Sharma, Katrina Kaif, Abhay Deol

And this is the reason why movie makers try their level best to read the mood of the audience. By this, we mean to say that they have to present something that the audience likes or the audience wants to see.

Latest Bollywood news December 18- The success and failure of each film is different

Today, there are a plenty of top Bollywood stars doing a number of films in a given year. But do you think each and every of their movies get successful at the box office? Well, it may not be possible. This is because not every film gets the same success.

And that is why you can see how the trend of movie sequels is gearing up in the entire entertainment fraternity. These are those films that are registered successful at the box office.

Also, no one wants to stake their money at the time of making a film. This is because every movie director would want to earn the revenue from their films.

And this is what we want to let our readers know after having a discussion with Bollywood star Shahrukh Khan. Even though, he has done lots of films till date, but it does not mean that each and every of his film is going to perform in the same ways.

And this is what Shahrukh Khan shares with one of the media reporters. He says if Zero does not work, then he might not get work up to 6 months or may be longer.

This because he likes the film in every way but there is no guarantee that the audience will also like this film like he does.

Shahrukh Khan has high expectation from his latest movie Zero

Shahrukh Khan has high expectations from his latest movie Zero

Now, if we discuss one of the Shahrukh Khan movies Jab Harry Met Sejal with director Imtiaz Ali, almost everyone tried to evoke huge expectations from this film.

Please note that Imtiaz Ali is known to produce a plenty of mind blowing films based on some spectacular love stories. In spite of putting everything at the sake, the movie proved nothing more than a disaster.

Hary Met Sejal was actually made on an overwhelming budget of Rs 91 crore. But this film was only managed to collect Rs 64.43 crore only (domestic market). We collected this data from movie box office collection.

At the same time, some of his other films also failed to impress the audience at the box office including Raees, Fan and Dilwale.

As per the latest Bollywood news December 18, Shahrukh Khan recently revealed about what he thinks if Zero does not work at the box office.

More Insights of SRK interview with Hindustan Times

While discussing with Hindustan Times reporter, SRK said he does not need to think about something that he can’t change.

He said he is no one to absolutely mold the fate of the movie at the box office. If the audience does not like it for any reason, he won’t be able to do anything much about it.

Now, if the audience feels that Zero is close to my heart, then it’s them who think like that. He said that if Zero fails to impress the audience, he might not get work for some months in the future.

He further said “I have no control at what audience thinks about my film zero which is so close to my heart. In case, if Zero does not work, I won’t get work for some time in the future. But if my art and craft is all perfectly balanced,then I will continue to get work.”

He further says “If Zero fails for any reason; I will obviously make a comeback in the biz world as what I have been doing for more than 15 years time. The world of trade business is rightly doing its job.”

Zero is about the incompleteness of people

Zero also stars Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif in their lead roles. The basic idea of the film is to highlight the incompleteness among people.

Zero is directed by Anand L Rai where SRK plays the role of a person who is suffering from dwarfism. He’s doing the character of Baua Singh.

As per the latest Bollywood news and gossip, Katrina Kaif is playing the role of an alcoholic. While, Anushka Sharma simply essays the character of a scientist who is wheelchair bound.

Why the audience likes SRK films?

Ever since Shahrukh Khan has joined the entertainment industry, he has become the first choice of the audience. It is not just because of his flawless acting skills but also to work professionally as well.

Zero has been in the news for quite a long time. Also, SRK has been quite busy for shooting for this film for quite a long period of time.

Does SRK film Zero needs some magic to excel?

Now, talking about why most people still like to watch Shahrukh Khan movies is mainly because of his exceptional acting skills.

We must tell you that it’s not just one reason why a film gets success at the box office. In fact, it’s the hard work of entire team including the star cast that makes the film successful.

In the same ways, when a film flops, there can be several reasons. And one of the reasons is the performance of the lead star cast.

Ever since SRK joined the film industry, he has entertained the audience with his acting skills. He has given a number of blockbusters to the viewers.