The Family Plan Movie Review: Mark Wahlberg Starrer Falls Short of Mind Boggling Action Comedy

The Family Plan Movie Review

Before you guys take decision to watch it, explore our in-depth review of The Family Plan, featuring Mark Wahlberg, Michelle Monaghan, and a talented ensemble.



What Looks Good About the Film?

Mark Wahlberg delivers a standout performance, effortlessly shifting between action and comedy.

The palpable chemistry between Wahlberg and Michelle Monaghan enhances the film’s appeal. The concept of a family thrust into unforeseen action brings a distinctive twist to the narrative.


What Looks Bad About the Film?

The movie grapples with inconsistencies in tone, struggling to harmonize its blend of comedy and action.

Overly frenetic editing in the action sequences detracts from their effectiveness. While the script introduces intriguing concepts, its execution falls short, leading to aimless and disjointed subplots. 


Do You Really Need to Watch the Film?

While Wahlberg’s charm shines through, “The Family Plan” lacks coherence and fails to captivate.

If you’re a fan of the main actors and can overlook a predictable storyline with occasional laughs, it could offer casual entertainment worth considering.

‘The Family Plan’ centers on Dan, a former assassin adjusting to suburban life, who faces an unforeseen threat, compelling him to disclose his hidden history and relocate his family to Las Vegas. The film aims to blend action and comedy as Dan deals with his past colleagues while safeguarding his loved ones. 


  • Language: English 
  • Available On: Apple Tv Plus 
  • Runtime: 1h 58m 
  • User Rating: NA



The Family Plan Movie Review: What the Script Says?

David Coggeshall’s screenplay for ‘The Family Plan’ grapples with a struggle to blend action and comedy genres effectively, resulting in a less successful execution.

Despite introducing interesting concepts, the script struggles to convincingly depict the protagonist, Dan, leading to inconsistencies that impact the film’s overall tone.

The introduction of plot twists and forced subplots, such as Dan’s son maintaining a secret life as a video game streamer, disrupts the flow of the story.

The absence of expected absurdity in an action-comedy steers the film towards a more conventional action style, while the attempts at humor come across as superficial.

On the whole, Coggeshall’s screenplay fails to fully explore the intriguing premise of a former assassin adjusting to family life, leaving a sense of untapped potential.

The screenplay’s difficulty in portraying Dan with a convincing dual personality, along with its forced subplots, highlights the challenge in translating the engaging premise into a coherent and engaging cinematic experience. 


The Family Plan Movie Review: Star Performance

Mark Wahlberg’s standout performance underscores his versatility as an actor. Known for seamlessly navigating action and comedy, Wahlberg portrays Dan, a former assassin turned suburban family man, with confidence and readiness.

Despite limitations in the script and tonal inconsistencies, Wahlberg’s magnetic presence elevates the film beyond its flaws.

His adeptness in transitioning between a laid-back car salesman and a confident action hero adds depth to the character, even if the script doesn’t fully exploit the comedic potential of this duality.

The Family Plan Movie Review


Michelle Monaghan, in the role of Jessica, Dan’s wife, effectively complements Wahlberg’s performance, injecting genuine emotion into the narrative.

Despite the script’s portrayal of their children as somewhat unsympathetic, Wahlberg and Monaghan succeed in creating a believable on-screen family.

The intentional sweet and slightly awkward chemistry between the lead actors brings a relatable aspect to the story. Furthermore, the supporting cast, including Zoe Colletti and Van Crosby as the children, delivers commendable performances that enhance the family dynamic.

While Wahlberg’s talent is evident, the film’s standout performances aren’t solely reliant on him. The committed ensemble cast collectively contributes to the enjoyment of ‘The Family,’ despite the movie’s struggle with identity and inconsistent tone.


The Family Plan Movie Review: Music & Direction

Simon Cellan Jones who has proudly directed the film, primarily renowned for his television projects, grapples with translating a distinctive cinematic experience in The Family Plan.

Despite showcasing expected polished action scenes, the direction lacks a coherent rhythm or narrative punch. Overly frenetic editing in action sequences detracts from their impact, blurring pivotal moments.

The uneven pacing within these sequences creates detachment, hindering the audience’s engagement with the protagonist’s journey.

While Jones injects anticipated vibrancy into the climactic Vegas showdowns, the overall direction lacks the finesse needed to transcend the movie’s formulaic nature.

Regarding the music, The Family Plan features a forgettable score that adequately fits the film’s tone without leaving a memorable mark. While it serves its purpose in elevating specific scenes, the music fails to significantly enhance the overall impact of the movie.

The absence of a distinctive musical theme misses an opportunity to leverage music for a more immersive viewing experience.

In contrast to the magnetic performances, the unremarkable musical backdrop doesn’t resonate emotionally or heighten the narrative beats, contributing to the movie’s overall sense of mediocrity.

Simon Cellan Jones endeavors to navigate the challenges of an action-comedy but falls short in delivering a memorable cinematic journey with The Family Plan.

The serviceable music, lacking innovation, fails to deepen the film’s emotional impact.

Collectively, the direction and music create an impression that the movie aligns with typical streaming releases but lacks the distinctiveness to stand out in a competitive landscape. 


The Family Plan Movie Review: Final Words

“The Family Plan” falls short as a vibrant action-comedy. Despite engaging performances and an intriguing premise, the film suffers from tonal inconsistencies, poorly executed action scenes, and a lackluster script. It meets the standards of a streaming film but gives the impression of minimal effort in its crafting.


The Family Plan Trailer


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