Blessed Are The Children (2016) – A Review

blessed are the children
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Blessed Are The Children” revolves around ‘Traci Patterson’ (Kaley Ball). She’s a young aged confused girl who’s in her 20’s.

The film shows how she reels the death of her father and also her break up with her fiancé who happens to be quite abusive.

She soon discovers that she’s pregnant. As soon as she comes to know this, she decides to terminate the pregnancy.

In doing so, she takes the help of her friends – Mandy and Erin (Arian Thigpen, Keni Bounds). Also Read: Chloe Grace Moretz Relies on Exercise for Mental Clarity

After she leaves the clinic, she starts hearing some strange noises in midnight along with some abrupt and ghoulish figures stalking her every time. Should it be called as guilt or both Traci and her friends are in real danger?

Genre:                                         Drama: Horror, Mystery & Suspense
Directed By:                                Chris Moore (XXXVI)
Written By:                                  Chris Moore (XXXVI)
Release Date:                               Nov 4, 2016 Limited
Duration:                                      101 minutes
Casts:                                           Kaley Ball, Keni Bounds, Arian Thigpen


Film Synopsis

As soon as the Hollywood star ‘Tracy Patterson’ comes out from the clinic after getting an abortion, she starts suspecting that something sinister is following both her and her friends.


Blessed Are the Children Movie Review

blessed are the children
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If we look at the classic cult tradition of the 1980’s slasher movies along with a kind of heavy and retro vibe that begins with the opening and following till the end, the movie,

Blessed Are the Children showing something very peculiar. It shows how it kills its victims after lining them up.

This is what we get to see in the current era. The movie is written and directed by Chris Moore and shows how its victims are wrapped in fear and stigma, and eventually pushes it forward in a violent and morbid direction.

This horror flick presents everything in a typical horrifying fashion with a variety of killers. However, as the story winds down, we’re left with a handful of questions to answer. Also Read: James Norton Shares Affectionate Bonding With Emma Watson


Film  Shows Mounting Tensions & Bloodletting

The movie “Blessed Are the Children” shows Tracy (Kaley Ball) isn’t in the best of her relationships with her fiancée.

This is why she gets out of an intolerably abusive relationship. But now she starts dating a meat-head, having no choice but to love him. Also that her father recently passed away, her mom looks quite condescending and rude.

Also, her ex-fiancée constantly keeps reappearing in her life. Now, things don’t seem to get worse than the present. After this, she comes to know about her pregnancy and then visits a clinic to terminate it.

Outside the clinic, she finds a few protesters in mysterious child masks. Here it seems that they don’t appreciate a woman to take such a decision.

Blessed Are the Children mainly focuses on three girls having distinct personalities due to their own problems in their lives. All the characters in the movie are drawn up marvelously, considering a low budget slasher movie.

In the later part, it’s shown some tension building up along with bloodletting. Further, you see a house with girls along with a masked killer and an assortment of some strange characters who’re a group of potential killers.

As we mentioned in the beginning of the film, “Blessed Are The Children”, there are a few questions left for the audience to answer.

For example, they didn’t show if Tracy is able to terminate her pregnancy. Amid of these questions, the film looks one of a kind slasher film.

Albeit, it doesn’t break a new ground in the sub-genre, but still seems quite unique with a distinct voice of its own at the box office. Also Read: Come and Find Me (2016)- Missing Person’s Thriller Is Worth Tracking Down




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