The Crown Season 6 Part 2 Review: An Unconventional Conclusion to an Esteemed Series- Apologies, Your Majesty, for a Dwindling Legacy!

The Crown Season 6 Part 2

As The Crown Concludes Its Epic Journey, Explore Our Review to Find the Bright Spots in Its Challenging Final Season!




The Crown Season 6 (Part 2) Review: What’s It About?

The Crown Season 6 Part 2 Review: We seem like a fading lineage; when a line from one of the episodes echoes this sentiment, it’s almost ironic. What was once an illustrious vision for storytelling now feels like it’s slowly fading away – a demise as gradual as 24 frames per second.

The Crown boasts a storied history. Centered on England’s royal monarchs, this web series initially captivated the world with its enchanting narrative, impeccable casting, and stunning production design that made it essential viewing.

Yet, after five successful seasons, it delivers a rather subdued conclusion to a magnificent show that merited a finale as grandiose as its predecessors. Instead, it continues to dwell on the echoes of the past in its final moments. The initial four episodes of the last season delve into Princess Diana’s fleeting life as a devoted royal wife, but her spectral presence feels emotionally lacking and superficial.

The latter half of the final season, encompassing the last six episodes of this epic tale, leans heavily on Queen Elizabeth’s inner musings and self-reflections. As she grapples with age-old questions of “What if I had chosen differently?” the narrative drifts further from holding audience interest and excitement.


Cast: Imelda Staunton, Ed McVey, Jonathan Pryce, Lesley Manville, Dominic West, Meg Bellamy, and others.

Creator: Peter Morgan

Directors: Alex Gabassi, Christian Schwochow

Streaming On: Netflix

Language: English (with subtitles)

Runtime: Four episodes, around 50 minutes each



The Crown Season 6 (Part 2) Review: What the Script Says?

Peter Morgan’s drama kicks off with an episode titled “Willsmania,” focusing on Prince William and his poignant mourning for his mother’s loss, while the entire nation watches the royal prince, a perfect embodiment of his mother.

The preceding episode’s drama surrounding Princess Diana gets hyped to soap opera levels, indulging in gossip and drama to a degree that seems irretrievable for the series.

The climax of Princess Diana’s death in the last episode marks the peak of this hype. Attempting to steer the narrative back to the show’s central figure, Queen Elizabeth, becomes a seemingly impossible task, and indeed, it feels that way.

Peter Morgan and his team strive to redirect an audience now disinterested in revisiting Queen Elizabeth’s story, especially in the wake of the Diana versus the Queen dynamic. The audience’s desire to move forward rather than backward becomes apparent until an unforeseen turn of events.

In presenting the new generation of Windsors, Peter Morgan and his team paint them as the most unorthodox, uninteresting, and, regrettably, unworthy bunch. The show’s grandeur abruptly fractures like a shattered glass ceiling, reflecting a royal family through those broken pieces.


The Crown Season 6 (Part 2) Review: Star Performance

The initial episodes stumble, leaving viewers disengaged and somewhat disillusioned, yet the true intrigue unfolds with Princess Margaret’s portrayal by the impeccable Lesley Manville.


The Crown Season 6 Part 2


Positioned at life’s precipice, she defiantly upholds her spirit, infusing the narrative with power and emotion.

The ache resonates as Queen Elizabeth pleads with her mother not to leave her alone, while Margaret’s somber words, “All Those Closest To You Are Leaving You One By One,” evoke a palpable sense of fear and sorrow. However, as the episode concludes, the show reverts to its original odd trajectory from the first episode.

A glimmer of promise emerges with the return of Tony Blair, portrayed by Bertie Carvel. Despite the Queen’s apparent readiness for openness and confrontation, substantial developments remain elusive. Ed McVey’s portrayal of Prince William hints at being the breakout star of this season.


The Crown Season 6 (Part 2) Review: Music & Direction

Peter Morgan falters in delivering a finale that should have been grand and justified the brilliant storytelling established across five seasons.

The series takes an unexpected turn into a rom-com setup at college, featuring Prince William meeting Kate, portrayed by Meg Bellamy. Despite attempts, even the music fails to salvage this disastrous departure from the established tone.

Morgan appears perplexed in his focus between the protagonists, Queen Elizabeth and Prince William, failing to provide a satisfying justification for either character’s trajectory.


The Crown Season 6 (Part 2) Review: What that Works

The last set of episodes in the final season attempted to succeed but ultimately fell short.

Several elements had the potential to shine and create a decent finale, even if not reaching the heights of grandeur set by previous seasons.

Whether it was Prince William stepping into a more prominent royal role, the passing of Princess Margaret, or the climactic final monologues, these elements had promise.

However, the only aspect that seems to work in a few scenes is the portrayal of the men and their emotional struggles.

From Prince Philip grappling with his parenting choices and acknowledging his failures as a father to Prince Charles consciously trying to avoid repeating his father’s mistakes, these moments stand out in their display of emotional depth.


The Crown Season 6 (Part 2) Review: What Doesn’t Seem to Work

The ending becomes arduous due to the overwhelming self-obsession portrayed. Elizabeth’s constant reassurance and self-talk about her innate status as the Queen feel excessive.

While she’s depicted as an unchallenged monarch ruling the throne with finesse, this bold ending could have redeemed The Crown. Unfortunately, it’s marred by clunky dialogues and an overly preachy tone, detracting from its potential impact.

The Crown Season 6 (Part 2) Review: Last Words

It’s truly disheartening to witness a web series slowly losing its essence, prompting us to ponder over countless ‘What Ifs,’ especially in the final episode.

What if Peter Morgan hadn’t become overly absorbed in Princess Diana’s storyline? What if there had been more thorough research? What if the portrayal of the new-age royals matched the splendor of the older generation? What if the immense hype around Princess Diana had been met? What if the narrative hadn’t constantly revisited ghosts of the past, causing a disjointed feel? What if Morgan had maintained a clearer focus among numerous arcs, allowing for a more satisfying resolution?

The list of ‘What Ifs’ might rival Queen Elizabeth’s, but surely, it would lead to a better outcome. What a disappointing conclusion to a once-majestic show. We apologize, Your Majesty, for not doing justice to your story!

Only one star. Reserved solely for Leslie Manville, who steadfastly held together a crumbling storyline.




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