Johnny Depp Reportedly Agrees to Disney’s $301 Million Deal for Pirates of the Caribbean 6, Slated for Release In 2025

Johnny Depp

Hollywood actor Johnny Depp has portrayed an array of characters throughout his career, yet it’s Captain Jack Sparrow who holds a special place in our hearts.

Is Disney indeed resurrecting Pirates of the Caribbean 6? A viral poster has sparked considerable intrigue.

Previously, there were reports of Disney extending a substantial $301 million offer to Johnny Depp for his return to the Pirates of the Caribbean series.

This came following his victory in the defamation case against Amber Heard regarding domestic violence allegations. However, the studios subsequently refuted these claims, asserting that the reports were fabricated.

Johnny Depp returns for Pirates Of The Caribbean 6?

There’s a viral movie poster making rounds on Facebook, appearing as an official declaration for Pirates of the Caribbean 6.

The artwork showcases Johnny Depp in his iconic guise as Jack Sparrow, portraying an intense demeanor with flames ablaze in the background.



Pirates Of The Caribbean 6 titled “Demons Of The Corsair”?

A circulating movie poster hints at the title Pirates of the Caribbean: Demons of the Corsair for Johnny Depp’s upcoming film.

The poster also suggests the return of Geoffrey Rush as Hector Barbossa. Supposedly scheduled for a 2025 release, the font and style of the title appear amateurish, possibly indicating it as a fan creation.

The caption accompanying the post reads, “Prepare for an exhilarating maritime journey featuring Johnny Depp and Geoffrey Rush in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Demons of the Corsair.’ Expect thrilling action, perilous waters, and unearthly encounters with familiar faces, all overseen by director Gore Verbinski.

Embark on an adventure in 2025 – a thrilling escapade awaits, brought to life by Disney’s magic and the iconic duo.”

This post has gained viral traction on social media, accumulating over 10K likes and 800 comments. Undoubtedly, it might have quickened the pulses of Johnny Depp’s fans. However, it’s disheartening that the information shared appears to be false.



When Johnny Depp declared he wouldn’t return for Pirates Of The Caribbean

During the trial involving Amber Heard, Johnny Depp reportedly stated his decision not to reprise his role in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. This purportedly stemmed from Disney’s supposed abandonment of him at the first sign of trouble.

According to additional reports, the studios opted not to continue working with Depp due to what was described as his exceedingly unprofessional behavior during the filming of the fifth installment. Allegedly arriving late on set and intoxicated, his actions purportedly led to prolonged shoot delays.

There were also plans for a Pirates of the Caribbean spin-off featuring Margot Robbie in the lead. However, regrettably, this project failed to materialize.



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