Kaabil Box Office Collection- Earns A Whopping Rs. 106.2 Crores On Day 11

Kaabil box office collection

Before unveiling the details of the Kaabil box office collection (day 11), let’s take a close look on the performance of both the films, in general.

By looking at the trends, it seems the audience is appreciating the character of Hrithik Roshan in his film Kaabil.

The ever surging Kaabil box office collection also giving an indication that the film slowly getting an edge to ShahRukh Khan’s Raees.

Not only that, the audience also has a reason to find an emotional connect with the film.

As you already know both ‘Kaabil’ and ‘Raees‘ screened on the same day (January 25, 2017), the scheduled clash between two big budget films ignited tensions at both ends.

Ever since it was confirmed that Raees is going to be screened as per its schedule, there was a general feeling that the film is going to sweep away all the juice from its counterpart.

No distributor or producer would ever want to take the clash of any two big budget films lightly.

That’s the reason why actors and filmmakers don’t mind going to any length to avoid any box office face-offs.

But after the release of Raees, the general feeling that bulged out was- SRK’s star power will sweep away all the success from Hrithik’s Kaabil. Also, nobody knew how the Raees-Kaabil clash will take a shape in the future.

Albeit, both the films released on the same date, yet SRK’s Raees maintained its lead right from the beginning.

In terms of box office numbers, the film continued to maintain its upper hand over ‘Kaabil’ in the range of almost 35-45 Crores during the first weekend.

But now ‘Kaabil’ has taken over the lead and the Kaabil Box Office Collection seems to be narrowing down with the passage of time.

Kaabil box office collection starts mounting, giving a stiff competition to Raees

Do you ever realize the reason of this transformation as the audience continues to shower more love to Kaabil, which is quite evident by looking at the box office numbers.

One of the reasons can be the emotional connect with the film. On the other hand SRK’s star power doesn’t seem to materialize, well into box office collections on weekdays.

The results are quite clear as both the films are performing neck-to-neck as far as the profits of both films are concerned in the entire week.

For example, Kaabil box office collection on February 2 and February 3 happened to be Rs 5.25 crores and Rs 6.60 crores respectively. Whereas Raees collected almost Rs 6.25 crores and Rs 6.60 crores on both given days.

Both Hrithik and Rakesh Roshan knew that it would affect the Kaabil box office collection if both the films clash.

This is the reason why both father and son changed the release date of Kaabil to January 25.

But the SRK production team eventually shifted Raees release date to January 25 from already scheduled January 26.

The kind of tussle we all witnessed is not new in the history of Bollywood but one has to make ways to find a common solution as it directly affects the business of both the films.

Take a look at the day-wise collections of both the films on weekdays-

Raees box office collection-

Day 6 (Monday)-Rs 8.25 crores
Day 7 (Tuesday)- Rs 7.52 crores
Day 8 (Wednesday)– Rs 7.1 crores
Day 9 (Thursday)- Rs 6.25 crores
Day 10 (Friday)– Rs 6.60 crores

Kaabil box office collection:

Day 6 (Monday)– Rs 6.04 crores
Day 7 (Tuesday)– Rs 6.10 crores
Day 8 (Wednesday)- Rs 5.70 crores
Day 9 (Thursday)- Rs 5.25 crores
Day 10 (Friday)- Rs 6.40 crores