Kaabil Trailer 2- Kaabil Giving Avenge to Shah Rukh Khan’s Film Raees

Kaabil Trailer 2
Kaabil Trailer 2 | Image Credit: Desimartini.com

Kaabil Trailer 2 is out and it seems the film is going to prove disastrous for ShahRukh Khan’s upcoming film Raees. Well, only time is going to tell what’s going to happen in the future. Let’s discuss something about Kaabil Trailer 2 released.

By looking at the trailer, it seems that the film is going to be full of romance, action and thrill. The film (Kaabil) stars Yami Gautam opposite Hrithik Roshan and has been giving a swift competition to Hrithick’s Kaabil. It seems that the star actor has wreaked blind vengeance.

Kaabil Trailer 2 released only today and it seems the film proving a thriller. The upcoming Sanjay Gupta movie is going to showcase both romance and action.

A well proven star-crossed along with a love story. If we continue with the last trailer of the film that showed a much organic progression of the first part where Hrithick and Yami were both seen as they’re in deep love.

Kaabil Trailer 2
Kaabil Trailer 2 | Image Credit: YouTube

The film highlights their lives quite idyllic as both are visually handicapped. All they have at the moment is their love and dreams. Everything runs smoothly until one day Yami Gautum is taken away from Hrithick Roshan.


By looking at Kaabil Trailer 2 it seems the film is going to prove a huge entertainer

All the confronted action doesn’t happen in Kaabil Trailer 2 by the God grace. It’s all done by man. Now, Hrithick doesn’t want to waste more time and decides to use his own actions.

The role of brothers is being played by Ronit and Rohit Roy. While Hrithick was looking for a mega hit like the film Kaabil. The film presents such a story that has all the action and love to fascinate the audience. Both Raees and Kaabil are being released at the same time (January 25, 2016).

Kaabil trailer 2
Image Credit: SantaBanta Wallpapers

Now, we all need to see how the film performs at the box office in reality. By looking at the Kaabil trailer 2 that suggests everything in perfection that a film should have like the proper placement of love and action, it’s all very much there.

Another thing that needs to be taken into account is the timings. As both the films are going to release at the same time, it has to be seen which one of these gets the love and affection from the audience.

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