Jagga Jasoos Box Office Collection day 1- Ranbir Kapoor Starrer Looks Favorite Among Kids

Jagga Jasoos box office collection day 1

Jagga Jasoos box office collection day 1– Before we update you with Ranbir Kapoor starrer in detail, please take a look about how the newly released film performed since release.

As per the inputs pouring in, Ranbir-Katrina film managed to show an occupancy rate between 25-30%, (especially in the morning shows) and giving it a remarkable start (close to the expectations). The film also garnered a positive response from the kids. Well, it clearly indicates it is going to be favorite among kids.

Jagga Jasoos box office collection day 1
Jagga Jasoos box office collection day 1 | Image Credit: YouTube

Jagga Jasoos was made on a staggering budget of over Rs 100 crore. It means the movie has to really perform well in order to at least recover the cost of its production. However, it seems that the Katrina Kaif starrer is going to grab more as the film is already liked among children.

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Well, before giving you the insights of Jagga Jasoos box office collection day 1, let’s tell you something more interesting about the film. Jagga Jasoos is Disney’s latest production in the country, and as you know, Disney’s films are known for adventure. Well, you are going to see much more fun and adventure here too.

Movie Name:                 Jagga Jasoos
Genre:                             Musical adventure
Release Date:                July 14, 2017
Directed By:                    Anurag Basu
Written By:                     Anurag Basu
Casts:                               Ranbir Kapoor, Raveena Tandon, Katrina Kaif, Sayani Gupta

Albeit, it will take some time till we get the actual figures of Jagga Jasoos box office collection day 1, the movie has already became a huge draw for kids on the opening day. It behaved from average to good occupancy rates (25-30%) and is released over 1800 screens in key multiplexes and cinemas across India.

It’s too early to predict anything about Jagga Jasoos box office collection for now, but as per trade analyst- Girish Johar “the newly released movie should pick its momentum over the coming weekend.

Jagga Jasoos box office collection day 1
Jagga Jasoos box office collection day 1 | Image Credit: YouTube

On the other hand, the film doesn’t look performing as the makers expectations, it’s time to wait and watch for now. The other reason why it looked under-performed (in spite of the presence of star power) as it’s not a hardcore commercial flick. The film has enough ingredients for family and children as its produced by Disney”. Girish said.

Jagga Jasoos box office collection day 1- The film is expected to mint Rs 12-15 crore

Jagga Jasoos has been directed by none other than Anurag Basu and is being compared with his last venture- Barfi. Presenting some uncanny similarities in the feel and texture of both his films, the director says that this film will definitely overwhelm you with a unique experience.

By analyzing it in technical terms, the movie was made a limited release in some top multiplexes and theatres. But for now, it has come to light that Katrina Kaif starrer is becoming favorite among kids.

But we still have to wait if kids are able to persuade their parents to watch the film. It will become clear once the weekend gets over.

Well, as most of us are unaware that Jagga Jasoos has been delayed for more than 3 years, the big question is how much the movie is able to grab in spite of its staggering budget of Rs 100 crores.

As per Girish, Anurag Basu’s film should be able to collect between Rs 35-40 crore from the 1st weekend.

Jagga Jasoos box office collection day 1
Jagga Jasoos box office collection day 1 | Image Credit: Indiglamour.com

Another point that Girish made was the film should not be solely credited as Ranbir Kapoor’s film. He said “as you see, Ranbir and Katrina’s last outing together happened to be Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Ki Kahaani. But you can’t compare both films as Jagga Jasoos is a different film altogether.

Jagga Jasoos has become a 3rd fat budget movie of 2017 and is released close to 1800 screens across the country and 650 screens in overseas.

The advance booking reports has witnessed an overall occupancy rate of 47%, whereas 2nd show occupancy rates shoot up to 61%. So, as per estimates, ‘Jagga Jasoos box office collection day 1’ is going to fall anywhere between Rs 12-15 crore.