Baaghi 2 box office collection day 1- Tiger Shroff Starrer Opens With A Bang

Baaghi 2 box office collection day 1

Baaghi 2 box office collection day 1– The first day opening of the most hyped film of Disha Patani and Tiger Shroff-  Baaghi 2 has received stupendous love from the audience.

As per the reports from Box office India, the movie has collected Rs 25 Crore on the first day of screening. With these figures, the film has entered in to the lists of the highest opening Bollywood flicks of all time.


Baaghi 2 box office collection day 1
Baaghi 2 box office collection day 1 | Image Credit: Khabar IndiaTV


In our last post, we explained why you must watch the performance of Tiger Shroff in this action sequel. Now, as the film has already been released, it has proved to be a massive crowd opener and has managed to pull the audience back in theaters. 

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This is the first time both Disha Patani and Tiger Shroff are participating together in a movie.  Well, by looking at the response of the audience, it seems that the film is set to break many records.


Movie Name:                                       Baaghi-2
Genre:                                                    Romance, Action
Release Date:                                    March 30, 2018 
Directed By:                                        Ahmed Khan
Produced By:                                      Sajid Nadiawala
Casts:                                                   Disha Patani, TIger Shroff, Prateik Babbar, Manoj Bajpayee, Randeep Hooda


As per the reports pouring in, Baaghi 2 has already smashed the first day collection records of Deepika Padukone starrer Padmavat.

One of the reasons why Baaghi 2 is being liked by the masses is due to the sequence of action scenes.

At the same time, it seems that people are also interested to watch Tiger Shroff in action. Unlike the 2016 released film Baaghi that was directed by Sabbir Khan, Baaghi 2 has been directed by none other than Ahmed Khan.

Baaghi 2 box office collection day 1
Baaghi 2 box office collection day 1 | Image Credit: The Financial Express


By looking at the details, we can say that Baaghi 2 is all set to become the greatest hit of 2018 so far. As you can see that the movie almost boasts of the huge collection on its opening day. It has even surpassed “Padmaavat” by a great margin.

Baaghi 2 box office collection day 1- Disha &Tiger Starrer collects Rs 25 Crore 

Now, talking in terms of Baaghi 2 box office collection day 1- The film has collected Rs. 25.10 crore on the opening day by successfully smashing the records of recently released Padmavat.

As per the figures, Padmavat could only manage to collect Rs 19 crore on the first day of the screening. Well, the data itself proves a lot. It seems that the newly released Tiger Shroff film will break a plenty of records in the time to come.

Commenting on the overwhelming performance of the film, trade expert Girish Johar presented his views. He said that audiences have already been waiting for the release of this film for so long.

You can co-relate the facts right after the release of Baaghi (2016), where Tiger had done a tremendous job.

But now, with the inclusion of Disha Patani acting opposite to her rumored partner Tiger Shroff, people started waiting for the release of Baaghi 2 with far more excitement than ever.

We all need to wait and see the Baaghi 2 collection in the days to come.


Baaghi 2 box office collection day 1
Baaghi 2 box office collection day 1 | Image Credit: Visions Of Cinema – Overblog


After the first day of screening, it seems that people not only liked the film as a whole but also enjoyed the loving chemistry of Disha and Tiger as well.

Girish also feels that audiences loved both the trailer and music of the film even before its release. In fact, it has generated a huge buzz among the movie goers. And this can be another reason why we all witnessed a massive opening.

Now, after the film has already crossed Rs 25 crore mark, the expectations from this Bollywood flick has started mounting high. He predicted that the film will shortly cross Rs 100 crore mark in the coming days.

This is quite evident after Baaghi 2 has emerged as a winner after successfully leaving behind Padmavat in terms of collections. Other than that, Rani Mukharji’s Hitchki is also doing a good job.

Shubhra Gupta who is the noted film critic with Indian Express, could not hold back herself speaking positive about the film.

As the film has entered into the 2nd day, it seems the makers have relieved their ever mounting tensions by now. It was earlier reported that makers of Baaghi 2 were going tensed due to the performance of the film on the first day of screening.


Baaghi 2 box office collection day 1
Baaghi 2 box office collection day 1 | Image Credit: India Today


Baaghi 2 box office collection day 1 has given everybody a kind of a mental satisfaction with the efforts they have put in. Now, one thing that matters here is the performance of the film on weekdays. Well, if people have really liked the film content, music and acting skills, it will definitely run throughout the week.



Baaghi 2 stars Tiger Shroff in the lead role. The movie starts with its army man’s character’s mission where Tiger has to find someone who is missing.

This missing character is actually a child whom Tiger has to find out. Disha Patani will be seen playing the role.

Along with these two, the movie also stars Prateik Babbar, Randeep Hooda, Manoj Bajpayee and Jacqueline Fernandez in a cameo. The film has been directed by Ahmed Khan.