Hollywood Star Leonardo DiCarpio Denies Financing Amazon Fires

amazon fires

Famous Hollywood star Leonardo DiCarpio has come into limelight once again regarding Amazon fires. Well, the topic is currently burning, especially after Brazlilian president Bolsonaro alleged that the star was actually responsible to fund a group that was directly linked to the Amazon fires.

After the star was criticised, he chose to speak about the issue and said, “while we are worthy for all the support we received, we didn’t at all fund the organisation targeted.”

The issue rose after Bolsonaro alleged that the star himself collaborated with the recent Amazon fires and donated $500,000 donated to a group responsible to put fires in the forest cover.

Bolsonaro further stressed that Leonardo DiCaprio has done this to attract huge donations in the name of the trust run by the actor.



Leonardo first came into the limelight after he came forward and donated a sum of $5 million to basically help and protect the huge fires of Amazon forest cover that had actually destroyed the major part of the rain forest.

The fire has destroyed the huge area of rain forests between July to August.

Although, the president of Brazil didn’t cite any sort of proof to what he alleged about the actor.

After the allegations made by the president of Brazil came into the limelight, DiCaprio chose to come forward and denied the allegations by saying that, “The fire has actually made the situation worse as the future of this highly sensitive rain forest cover that was put to fire by the concerned group.” After denying the allegations, the actor even praised the efforts of all those who took initiatives to save the natural habitat.

As per the local police that claimed that there are some regional groups involved in breaking the fire.

They were involved in the above act mainly to raise the international funding.


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