Telegana Rape Case- 3 Cops Suspended Over Delay In Registering FIR

telangana rape case 2

In connection with the gruesome rape and murder of a woman in Telangana on the night of November 27-28, as many as three cops were suspended with the immediate effect.

All three police personnel were suspended after conducting a detailed enquiry of the most disturbing case of rape and murder in Telangana. The suspended cops have been charged for not only manhandling the case but also delaying the FIR registration of the case.

As per the family of the affected family, the police delayed to file the First Information Report of a missing woman on the night of November 27.

In the presence of lots of pressure from the media and the general public, Cyberabad police commissioner VC Sajjanar disclosed that they have suspended all three police personnel who are accused of delaying the case.

When the victim’s family first approached the police station, all the three cops in question simply manhandled the case as per their own convenience. They will remain suspended till further orders are received.

Following the incident, all the staff of the Cyberabad Police station have been informed to keep track on the issue of ever increasing violence among women, especially at night. As per the orders, the police officers are now advised to register every single complaint even if the case does not fall in their jurisdiction.

As per the case details, the victim was going home after having a check up at a medical center at Gachibowli, Hyderabad on the night of November 27.

The woman was then abducted, raped and murdered by as many as 4 lory workers at Chatanpally, Shadnagar. It’s at a distance of almost 60 km from Hyderabad.

Soon after murdering the woman, all three accused left her body. Meanwhile, the government has assured that appropriate action will be taken against the guilty people.

G Kishan Reddy who is the Union Home Minister of State has ensured the nation that he will ensure that this case needs to be taken care of an immediate basis and the guilty should be punished severely.

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