Kavita Khanna- Please Stop Circulating Ailing Vinod Khanna Picture

kavita khanna

In the recent updates, Kavita Khanna has now come forward and requested the media to stop sharing and circulating the ailing pictures of veteran actor Vinod Khanna.

Kavita Khanna, who’s the wife of the 70 year old actor doesn’t want any kind of media hype and only wishes to stop publicizing the matter. In the recent past, a number of controversies have come forward that ignited a series of fresh debate regarding the deteriorating health of the veteran actor.

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Ever since the veteran actor was admitted to a Girgaon hospital in Mumbai, the family continued to get hundreds of messages for his speedy recovery. In response to all good wishes, the family members of Vinod Khanna thanked to all the fans, but also requested to leave him alone.

kavita khanna
kavita khanna | Image Credit: timesofindia.indiatimes.com

The team of doctors repeatedly updated people that he’s giving a positive response against the treatment being administered, but still a number of controversies continued to surface one after the other.

Kavita Khanna says Vinod Khanna is our hero and let him be

The controversy first started after someone shared frailing picture of Vinod Khanna. The picture clearly showed that it was taken in the hospital as he was seen wearing hospital uniform. After the picture of Vinod Khanna went viral, almost everyone was in a state of shock as it showed the 70 year old extremely weak and frail. That single picture of him was enough to break millions of hearts worldwide.

kavita khanna
kavita khanna | Image Credit: bianoti.com

Nobody could have imagined that he’s hospitalized and receiving treatment in such a terrible state. And this triggered a series of mass discussion on social media on his health.

In spite of a series of discussions on the entire social media, there also surfaced a plethora of unwanted and unconfirmed reports that suggested the death of the veteran actor. But later, all such reports came out to be a hoax. In spite of all this, the family members requested the general public to stop publicizing the matter and stop circulating the ailing pictures of him. But now, Kavita Khaana has come forward to request media to leave the matter for now and stop sharing his pics.

Even though Vinod Khanna’s ailing picture went viral, but now Kavita Khanna has shown his outburst on every media organisation for circulating and using his picture.

She requested through a Facebook post to convey her message. She said please don’t bother him and leave him alone. And please stop posting his photos any longer.