COVID-19 Pandemic: Farah Khan’s Daughter Anya Raises Rs 1 Lakh By Sketching Pets


Covid-19 pandemic: In the presence of Covid-19 pandemic, people from different field and entities are coming forward to help each other.

Most of the time, you can find the list of most of the Bollywood celebrities who are able to donate huge funds to help those infected from the dreaded coronavirus.

In order to continue this trend, 12 year old daughter of the famous choreographer Farah Khan named Anya has managed to collect a sum of Rs 1 lakh by sketching pets. This was basically done to feed all the stray animals out there. 7StarHD

It’s done due to the fact that all the stray animals are the ones that have been most affected. How can we forget their presence around us, especially in such a critical time. And so, there should be something done in this regard too.

It all happened when Farah Khan took to her social media account to share the story of her 12 year old daughter Anya who managed to raise a sum of Rs 1 lakh by sketching pets mainly to help feed stray animals.

This is what Farah Khan tweeted on the matter, “As of this morning Anya has raised 1LAKH RS.. by diligently sketching for donations.. b4 n after school and all weekends.. thank you to all who ordered sketches n donated so generously!♥️ all being used to feed strays n needy”

Just like the daughter, Farah Khan’s son Czar managed to create a rap video detailing about isolation quarantine and social distancing. The director of the video tweeted, There s s new Rapper in town.. she s 12 yrs old and concerned about the pandemic.. Czar kunder .. #NeedToSurvive Every child is gifted.. they just unwrap their packages at different times..”


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