COVID-19: Kanika Kapoor to Be Interrogated By Lucknow Police After Recovery

Kanika Kapoor

Kanika Kapoor is currently undergoing her treatment from the dreaded COVID-19. She has been staying in the hospital for the last several weeks and is currently in the stage of recovery.

Earlier, the singer was accused of hiding the fact that she was suffering from the infection.

Before admitting to the hospital, she had acquired some flu like symptoms and was even tested positive for the coronavirus.

But soon after returning from her UK trip, she straightaway started attending parties in Lucknow. Her condition started to worsen with the passage of time.

This was the time when the Baby Doll singer came into the limelight for hiding her travel history and the initial symptoms due to corona virus. She was even accused of spreading the virus after returning from the UK trip.

In the meanwhile, Kanika Kapoor started getting into the limelight for all the bad reasons. Not only that, the UP police also filed multiple FIR for deliberately spreading the virus in public.

As per the latest Bollywood news, Kanika Kapoor is to be interrogated by the UP police in response to an FIR lodged against her under various IPC sections including 270, 259 and 188.

As per the details of the FIR lodged against her, Kanika Kapoor has been found responsible for hiding her travel history.

In addition to this, one more FIR has also been filed against her for endangering other people’s lives at a gathering..

Today, it looks that Kanika Kapoor is going to be in deep trouble, especially for hiding her travel history from the officials.

Let’s see how she faces all this after she gets discharged from the hospital after recovery.


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