COVID-19 Pandemic: Thala Ajith Donates Rs 1.25 Crore To Coronavirus Relief Fund

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After the COVID-19 pandemic continues to go on, it is looking a tedious task to stop the engaging grip of the virus.

Even after the fact that the lives of hundreds of people have been affected due to the COVID pandemic; the lives of hundreds of people have been affected in the recent past.

The trend continues without a break after we constantly witness many new cases affected by the coronavirus. As per a study done in the country, the coronavirus cases are getting double after a span of 4.1 days.

Well, this is something looks dangerous and needs to be stopped with an immediate effect.

But we know that it is not so easy to contain the virus and is expected to take some time before everything gets settled down.

Among those who have extended their helping hands in the Covid-19 crisis, Thala Ajith has donated a sum of Rs 1.25 crore directly to the PM relief fund. Bolly4u

Just like Thala Ajith, there are many other celebrities like Allu Arjun, Mahesh Babu and Rajnikanth who have already contributed to fight the Covid-19 crisis.

With so much of contribution coming from all the directions, it looks out to be a great respite for those who are already suffering from this virus that originated from China. Bolly4u

At present, there is no scientific proof of any vaccine or treatment option to have been working successfully against the virus.

And therefore, we all need to wait for some more time for the treatment against the infection. Bolly4u

Right now, the only option to contain the virus is to stay at homes. This is how it is going to break the chain of the infection.


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