Bigg Boss 13: Siddharth Dey Slammed For Passing Sexual Remarks On Aarti Singh

arti siddharth

Bigg Boss 13- In the most recent episode of Bigg Boss 13, something happened that you would not have expected.

On the 13th day, a task was given to the contestants that were mainly to save Abu Malik, Paras Chhabra, Asim Riaz and Siddharth Dey from their eviction.

There were two teams made. Siddharth and Paras were placed in team one. On the other hand, Abu and Asim were in the other team.


arti siddharth


The task was such that both Shehnaaz Gill and Aarti Singh had to force the duo Siddharth Dey and Paras to vacate and leave each other’s hand.


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Later on, Aarti chose to tickle Dey so that he could leave his colleague Paras’s hand. But something weired happened during the execution of the task.

It all happened when Siddharth Dey passed some personal and negative comments on Aarti.

This is when Aarti yelled at Dey and told him if he would speak with all the women in his family in the same manner just like the way he commented on her.

The comment made by Dey during the task even provoked another contestant Sidharth Shukla and indulges in fight with Dey over the derogatory remarks made on Aarti.

Later, when the issue started getting worse, Siddharth even tried to threaten to punch on Dey’s face.

But he failed to do that after he was stopped by Shehnaz and Aarti. The issue ended into a verbal spat between Shukla and Dey.

Very soon, the issue went viral on the Internet that left people infuriated on the social media. It was when Dey got huge backlash from the netizens. He even got remarks from them as he was called cheap.

After Dey passed sexual comments on Aarti, a number of female contestants got angry.

In the end, Bigg Boss intervened and ordered to stop the task in between as he was mainly concerned regarding the boy’s health.


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