Lady Gaga’s Tweet In Sanskrit Going Viral On Social Media


Can you believe a Hollywood star like Lady Gaga can tweet in Sanskrit? Well, this looks quite weird as nobody can ever believe that she will tweet in the Sanskrit language.

Recently, at a show of her own, Lady Gaga chose to tweet to surprise everyone. Ever since she tweeted, it started going viral on the Internet and converted to become news.

The incident happened a few days back when Lady Gaga fell off from the stage where she had to perform. At this time, one of her over excited fans lost his balance on the stage and both of them fell with others.


lady gaga sanskrit tweet


Soon after the incident happened, Lady Gaga tweeted in Sanskrit language that said “Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu”.

The controversy started right after Gaga’s tweet. It’s because no one had predicted that she will use such a language that would be so tough for the others to understand.

As nobody understands Sanskrit language, fans looked crazy to decode what he had actually written.



Now, let’s give you some insights how her tweet actually started taking rounds on social media. After the incident on the stage, Lady Gaga took her Twitter account and tweeted “Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu”. By the time she tweeted, it attracted as many as 50,000 likes.



The tweet was even retweeted as many as 11,000 times as well. Even now, the numbers are increasing as most of the users who are not aware of Sanskrit language wish to know about the meaning of her tweet.

Out of those who liked her tweet, there are those who confounded it quite generously.



In the same ways, a few users welcomed her tweet with excitement. There were others who showed their satisfaction after she joined Hinduism.

Lastly, there were others who responded to her tweet with something like “Jai Shree Ram”. Well, you may check out this yourself.


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