Arjun Kapoor Becomes The Brand Ambassador Of Chelsea FC For India

arjun kapoor

This is the first time that a premier league football association has accepted an Indian to be their brand ambassador. Yes, you heard it right. Bollywood star Arjun Kapoor is going to be the new brand ambassador for Chelsea FC for the country.

Now, there are plethora of ways that will ensure how Arjun Kapoor will act as a brand ambassador for the prestigious Football Club. Please note that the actor will be featured in a number of digital talk shows and represent the blue fans in the country.

Along with that, Arjun will also be a part of their social network and will be allowed to communicate with their fans.





The entire story became evident after Arjun Kapoor took to his Instagram account and chose to share a nice looking picture with none other than the manager of Chelsea FC Frank Lampard.

It looked quite obvious as he shared the picture with him that said, “The official brand ambassador of Chelsea FC India”.

Never stop believing in yourself as your dreams come true! It’s a great feeling that I can’t express in words. Feeling cherished and enjoying here with all the fun and the excitement. I thank you #chelseafc.





As per the reports pouring in this regard, it’s been stated that Arjun Kapoor happens to be one of the passionate fans of Chelsea FC. Being associated with the club is surely giving him the nice feeling. And this is what he has to share, “I’ve always passionately attached with the club as I myself celebrated hundreds of victories and at the same time, felt the losses similar to the heartbreaks. Presently, the most prestigious Chelsea FC is going to be in a rebuilding phase and being a fan, I find myself privileged enough to spread the brand in India through my entire knowledge about the game that follows billions of people worldwide.”

Now, take a look at what the manager of the Chelsea FC has to say about their new association with Bollywood actor, “At this point of time, we feel so much delighted to have him as a part of our family. Everyone knows that he’s a versatile actor with a great personality along with profound love for the club”.


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