Tom Hanks Starrer Sully Soars In A Gripping Box Office Hit

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Sully is a thrilling entertainer starring Tom Hanks. The movie revolves explaining the most adventurous portrait of the airline pilot of the Airbus A320.

His name is Chesley Sullenberger as “Sully”. All credit goes to him after he enacts the heroic and incredible emergency landing of his Airways flight on the Hudson river.

This thrilling adventure movie is all about some special folks who believe in human quality instead of numbers. This spunky and effortless  performance by the pilot of Flight 1549 is nothing less than a miracle that was shown on the big screen in a span of 96 minutes.

Genre:                Adventure, Action & Drama
Written By:         Todd Komarnicki
Directed By:       Clint Eastwood
Release Date:      Sep 9, 2016
Studio:               Warner Bros.
Duration:           96 minutes

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Sully Movie Review

The miracle happens on the fateful day of 15 January 2009 which is also being given the name of “Miracle on the river Hudson”.

It all happens when the pilot of the Airbus A320 (Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger) lands a fully disabled Airways flight on the icy waters of the Hudson river. The spunky and heroic act of him saves all 155 people aboard.

It not only shows the act of bravery at the highest level, but also depicts pure technical skills as well. However, this is not the real side of the story of this heroic act performed by him.

The film is more about a man who is grappling with guilt and fame and the other side of it also relates to an intense pride of someone’s selected profession. It’s quite usual to see Eastwood employing both reserved and economical approach, but still he doesn’t seem to skimp human emotions that send sully to soar.

The movie is not about recreating all the events to an extent of a miracle. It gives quite a specific hint about those around whom the story revolves.

They are none other than co-pilot Aaron Eckhart (Jeff Skiles) and Tom Hanks who were grilled just for the decisions they made and were solely responsible explaining all the events during those 208 seconds.

It all happened when a large flock of birds crippled both the engines of the plane. However, as per the NTS (National Transportation Safety Board), taking a view on behalf of the airline authorities and with their insurers didn’t wish to believe about the theory of a forced water landing was the way to go. There are some people who look at other side of all that happened.

They are merely concerned about the financial impacts of the decision he made and due to this they believe he posed to be made to behave recklessly to all.

In the same ways, there is a fair amount of people who have no idea about the sequences of events that took place on that day. For such people this story can be much flabbergasting.

sully movie

Although, Tom’s looks doesn’t fully resemble to Sully, (in spite of some crucial attempts) but still, he is able to capture his unpretentious demeanor as well as his memoir.

Sully is a movie that can soon be able to rectify all the doubts of people’s mindsets about his (Tom Hanks) unappreciated roles in the past.

He enacts so marvelously that he easily captures his coolness under much anticipation. May be, it could be many years of hard work and training.

Everything he endures, Sully is well able to maintain his dignity in whatever work he performed and this act of boldness flew among other associates as well. This is why other professionals also helped and aided in the rescue event.

At the time of tragedy, all workers, including flight staff, seamen, rescue workers and the air traffic controllers performed and showed their utmost courage. The movie also shows this part where every such person is honored and greeted.

The best and most compelling moment of the film is when the  rescue team from all directions spontaneously joined others to save each one of the passengers on board. This, in fact, shows a real moment of their collective solidarity as well.

Also, Tom Hanks performance was at its best and emotionally charged. He succeeded primarily after continuing to follow a path to become an unpretentious and an incomparable human being.

Sully became one of the highest grossing films of Tom Hanks collecting $35.5 million debut weekend.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Sully a true story?

Yes, Sully is based on a true story. The film depicts the real-life event, also known as The Miracle on the Hudson. It all happened on January 15, 2009 when the US pilot Chesley Sullenberger witnessed both the engines of his Flight 1549 were struck by birds.

Is Sully still flying?

Sullenberger is already retired from US Airways after serving as a commercial pilot for more than 30 years

Where is Chesley Sullenberger now?

Captain Sully currently resides in San Francisco, California with his family

Is Flight 1549 still in the Hudson River?

It was in 2009 when the plane first landed on the Hudson river by Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger. Currently, Flight 1549 is housed at the Carolinas Aviation Museum.

How much money did Sully make from the movie?

24 crore USD. Sully actually grossed over $125 million in the US and Canada and $115 millions in other countries making it over $240 million worldwide against the production budget of $60 million.





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