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Tom Hanks Upcoming Movies List 2017, 2018, 2019 With Release Dates

Before we update you with Tom Hanks upcoming movies, let’s take you through his Hollywood journey till date:   Introduction Tom Hanks is better regarded as ‘Thomas Jeffrey Hanks’, who is a 61 year old American filmmaker and actor. He’s known to have contributed in different genres of films, including drama, action, suspense and thriller. […]

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Sully- Tom Hanks Soars In A Gripping Box Office Hit

Sully is a thrilling entertainment, starring Tom Hanks. The upcoming movie revolves explaining the most adventurous portrait of the airline pilot of the Airbus A320. His name is Chesley Sullenberger as “Sully”. All credit goes to him after he enacts the heroic and incredible emergency landing of his Airways flight on the Hudson river. This […]