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When the Bough Breaks- A Thriller Hollywood Movie to Watch

Anyone who is a true fan of thriller Hollywood movie, it’s always worth going a few extra miles for that spectacular scare. The movie “When the Bough Breaks” enlists itself into some of the most famous thriller Hollywood movies list that are ever produced. The film screens the couple, Laura and John Taylor (Regina Hall […]

still of Tom Hanks starrer film Sully

Sully- Tom Hanks Soars In A Gripping Box Office Hit

Sully is a thrilling entertainment, starring Tom Hanks. The upcoming movie revolves explaining the most adventurous portrait of the airline pilot of the Airbus A320. His name is Chesley Sullenberger as “Sully”. All credit goes to him after he enacts the heroic and incredible emergency landing of his Airways flight on the Hudson river. This […]

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Don’t Breathe- Thriller Movie Inhales Top Spot for Year’s Lowest Weekend

The recent success of Hollywood blockbuster “Don’t Breathe” has been able to press the  break buttons against the ongoing slump at the American box office. It was a good thriller  movie that everybody liked. The primary cause of the worst slump that hit the box  office was due to the release of a plethora of […]

Rustom- one of great thriller movies of the year|

Rustom- One of Greatest Thriller Movies with Suspense to Watch

Rustom is a Bollywood romance thriller starring Akshay Kumar as an eponymous naval commander by the name Rustom Pavri. It’s one of the greatest thriller movies with suspense scattered all around. The story grows after he learns that his wife Cynthia (Ileana D’Cruz) is cheated on him with his close aid Vikram Makhija (Arjan Bajwa). […]