Look How Suhana Khan Broke Her Silence After Her Private Pictures Were Leaked

suhana khan

Suhana Khan is the charming daughter of Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan who suddenly received so much of attention after she appeared on the cover page of Vogue magazine.


suhana khan


The star kid graced the most popular magazine by appearing on the cover page of the magazine which itself is the symbol of imperial fashion. There are no other words to say except for the fact that she’s looking most gorgeous than ever.


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It’s only yesterday when superstar Shahrukh Khan unveiled the Vogue magazine cover of Suhana Khan on the occasion of Vogue awards for a beauty contest.

As you guys know that Suhana Khan always remains the centre of attraction among her fans even though she is not a part of Bollywood. The reason is quite simple which is none other than being the daughter of Bollywood superstar.

You might be wondering about the reason for being into the limelight. Well, we must tell you that Suhana Khan was into the limelight after her private pictures were leaked and gone viral.

She chose to speak about her leaked pictures while interacting with Vogue. She revealed how it looks like when her pictures were doing the rounds on all social media platforms and the reaction of her family members soon after this!


suhana khan


While narrating the entire episode, Suhana Khan compared things back home with the outside world. And this is what she has to say about this “There is nothing special to say when it comes to home as everything is cool without any regrets. But you tend to face the real challenge as soon as you go outside.

When I look at things like this, I find it hard as people around you are able to gauge you better. So, it is never going that easy for you, especially on social media forums. And then you see your pictures are getting leaked from your Instagram account and you can’t do any thing about it much.”

Watch Shahrukh Khan getting emotional for Suhana Khan after she appeared on the cover page of Vogue magazine


Why Suhana Khan finds it annoying?

Well, there are so many things that hurt you when everybody starts talking about you. “First of all, they don’t know you but still want to talk about you in anyway.

This is not right and it not only messes with you but also with your self confidence as well. As you know, haters will continue to hate you but it’s you who need to protect you from getting upset with all this.


suhana khan


In short, it looks annoying. But I can always make me understand that people are loaded with much bigger problems than others. So, they better know what they are doing.”

Suhana Khan further asserted that her mother takes care of everything back home. And this helps making the environment cool back home. We also know it is quite significant to spend time together with the family.

My mom takes care of everything and maintains the balance of everything at home. For example, she plans and coordinates our diaries and even plans our free time including holidays.

suhana khan

In free time, we mostly hang around playing games as well as watching movies. At the same time, we are all super competitive and it makes us tensed whenever we decide to play board games.


What Suhana Khan has to say about the kind of attention she gets all the time

There was a time when Suhana Khan was confused what to do. She was not willing to get all the focus and attention that she was getting all the way which confused her what to do.

And this is what she has to say. “The entire attention confused me what to do precisely. He was not being regarded as my father, that is what I actually wanted. He wanted to hug me and I was like to push him further back in the car.


suhana khan


I hated all the attention that was enough to made me self conscious. At one point of time, I realised if I can hug him as he is my own dad.”


Look what SRK disclosed about Suhana

While talking to the media, SRK revealed “I handle her in a different way as compared to boys. Aryan occasionally tells me that I can’t be angry with Suhana even for once.

Well, at this point of time, I believe that it’s not parents who bring up their children. It’s children who bring up their parents.”


Why SRK is so close to Suhana

After you get to know what a father has to say about his kids. Now, take a look what Shahrukh Khan feels about Suhana Khan. Well, SRK is too close to Suhana as he previously  disclosed this as well to his fans.


suhana khan


He said “I guess, my children have brought us up well. At this time, I don’t have too many friends, but I’m too close to Suhana. She has disclosed a plethora of things to me that no other woman would ever want to say to me.”


Shuhana Khan trolled after appearing on the cover page of Vogue

Till now, we only covered only one aspect of what is happening in the biz world. There are some other ways that the same story has got the revelations.

For example, there are a plenty of people who didn’t waste their single moment in trolling Suhana Khan after she appeared on the Vogue magazine cover. They had different opinions while presenting their views.


suhana khan


While some said, it is the perfect case of paid media where everything can be possible. Others said that in spite of her not accomplishing anything till date, she has no right to be there. She’s there just because she is a star kid. She doesn’t need to be a cover girl on such a prestigious magazine.

Well, these are some of the criticism that Suhana Khan had to bear while getting herself trolled down on social media. But then, it doesn’t make a difference. Does it? Well, we don’t think that way because there can be a number of aspects of anything in question.

After having said that, we find no reason that she should be trolled so brutally. What do you think about her appearing on to the cover page of the magazine. And also about those who leak private pictures of someone just like Suhana Khan? Let’s know by commenting in the box provided below!