India Pakistan News Latest- India Wants the Release of Captured Pilot without Any Deals

india pakistan news

India Pakistan News In this section, we would like to update our readers with all the latest India Pakistan news. Amid such a growing tension between the two neighboring countries, we thought to update you with all the latest development along with the possible air strikes amid tensions.

india pakistan news


Now, as per the latest developments, after the Indian Air Force successfully stuck the JEM’s terrorist camp near Pakistan in Balakot, Shah Mehmood Qureshi, who happens to be the Foreign Minister of Pakistan, revealed that his country is planning to consider the safe release of IAF pilot- Abhinandan only after the de-escalation of ties between the two countries.

Well, as per the latest India Pakistan news, it seems that Qureshi is willing to impose his condition that he is ready to release our IAF pilot, Abhinandan only after he gets any sort of assurance from the Indian part about the de-escalation of ties.

Further, Qureshi says that Abhinandan (IAF pilot) is absolutely safe and healthy. Also, he has no bad feelings about him in any ways. He further says that he is ready to take the very status of POW within a few days.

As you might be aware that Indian Air Force (IAF) pilot Abhinandan was detained by Pakistan on February 27 after a fierce engagement of both the countries just near the LoC (Line of Control) where a Pakistani plane was gun downed.

India Pakistan News Latest- No Sort of deal with Pakistan on Captured Indian Pilot

As we just stated above that India only wants the immediate release of its Indian Air Force pilot Abhinandan Vartaman without any pre-conditions set. In fact, India has made its stand very clear to the neighboring country in this regard.


india pakistan news


As per the India Pakistan news latest, the Indian authorities has said that if they think that they are going to play with a trump card regarding the captivity of our pilot who is in their custody, then they are mistake,. In fact, there is no question of any sort of deal in this regard.

The Indian spokesperson in this regard clearly mentioned that they want an immediate release of Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman.

India Pakistan News Latest- Captured Pilot’s father expects his son to return safely

Amid growing tension between the two countries, the father of captivated Wing Commander Air Marshal (retd) S. Varthaman stated that he is proud of his son after he watched him in some of the videos that are being circulated.

He said that he is looking like a true soldier. Further, he expects that his son is not get tortured in Pakistan and return home quite safe and sound.


India Pakistan News Latest- Pakistan Foreign Minister says he’s keen to meet Sushma Swaraj

As per the India Pakistan news that has been coming right now, Pakistan Foreign Minister has just said that he is expecting to meet with Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj on the recent developments.

But he concluded saying that OIC is not going to be the right forum for such conversations and talks.