Akshay Kumar Next Movie Moghul Not Happening For Now? Suspense Prevails

akshay kumar next movie

Akshay Kumar next movie– For now, Akshay Kumar is all set for the release of his upcoming film Gold. But there is something related to his next movie Mogul that his fans might be interested to know.

Akshay Kumar next movie Mogul is not going to happen for now. As per the reports pouring in, the star actor has denied working for the upcoming project due to some differences with the makers regarding the script.


akshay kumar next movie
akshay kumar next movie | Image Credit: YouTube


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The Khiladi actor himself has confirmed about the same that he has quit Mogul.


Movie Name:                  Gold
Genre:                               Drama / Sports
Release Date:               August 15, 2018
Directed By:                  Reema Kagti
Produced By:                Farhan Akhtar, Ritesh Sidhwani
Casts:                                Akshay Kumar, Mouni Roy, Amit Sadh


As you guys might be aware that Mogul is an upcoming biopic on late Gulshan Kumar. Everyone knows that he was regarded as the late music sensation of the industry who introduced a plethora of promising and talented people in the Bollywood industry.

Well, after Akshay denied working with one of his upcoming projects Moghul, the search is already on to find his replacement.

However, Akshay feels just the opposite. As per him, there is no one else except him who suits for doing the role of Gulshan Kumar in his biopic Moghul. As you see, the clashes are already on making Akshay Kumar next movie Moghul in trouble, especially after the star actor denied working on the project.

The entire episode of developing the differences between the makers is quite unfortunate. As it all happened after Akshay Kumar was announced to be the face of his next movie Mogul, Aamir Khan soon announced to produce the film.


akshay kumar next movie
akshay kumar next movie | Image Credit: YouTube


As the suspicion to play the role of late Gulshan Kumar is still on, there are rumours developing that Aamir Khan has recently offered the crucial role to none other than Ranbir Kapoor.

And this is what Akshay Kumar revealed when asked about the best alternative for doing the role of Gulshan Kumar in Mogul- “No one suits the role besides me.”

Well, as you see, the Khiladi actor still thinks that there is no one better than him to do the role but at least for now, he won’t be doing the film due to the already developed differences with the makers.

He revealed all this on the occasion of the launch of the trailer of his upcoming film Gold at the IMAX.

After discussing about Moghul, let’s update you with his upcoming film Gold which is directed by Reema Kagti. The film revolves around the journey of Tapan Das who is serving as an assistant manager.

The role is being played by Akshay Kumar who starts dreaming to grab a gold medal for India. This is the time when India freshly got its independence in 1948.

This Akshay Kumar’s upcoming movie shows true life events about winning the olympic gold medal in Hockey after finally becoming an independent nation in the year 1948.

Gold is produced by Ritesh Sidhwani and Farhan Akhtar and stars Vineet Kumar Singh, Kunal Kapoor and Amit Sadh who are seen in their pivotal roles. The upcoming Akshay Kumar movie also marks the debut of Mouni Roy, who is regarded as the television queen.

The stage is all set for the release of Gold. Let’s wait and see how this Akshay Kumar movie performs at the box office.


Akshay Kumar next movie- I feel like making a movie on Hima Das

All of us are well aware that Akshay Kuamr has turned producer. And that’s why he is planning to make a film based on the life of Hima Das.

Although, the star actor is currently busy in promoting his sports drama Gold, he recently wished to make a biopic on Hima Das, who is a well known sprinter and became the first Indian athlete to grab a gold medal in the age of 18 years.

He made his intentions clear when asked on which personality, he would like to make a film. He was quick to react. He said “Well, I would like to make a biopic on the life of Hima Das who is a well known personality. She is a track runner.”

When asked to give his views on Das, Akshay said “It’s quite a rare feat to achieve when someone like Hima Das wins a gold for her country. The medal becomes more special as she comes from somewhere interiors of the country but with a great desire of achieving something and making the country feel proud.”

akshay kumar next movie
akshay kumar next movie | Image Credit: YouTube


Akshay further presented his views and explained that from the very beginning, India is not able to produce some great track runners.

And this is why there is a need to support and encourage this form of sport and to show the entire world that our country still has a pool of talent when it comes to running on tracks. We feel it in same fashion as we daily run fast to catch a train or bus in our lives back home.

When asked if he feels that events like sports should come forward in the form of films, so that everyone could know their importance, Akshay replied “I very much feel the same and also liked the story (script) of Gold which is scheduled for its release on August 15, 2018. I think there is a need for such stories to be told.”

Akshay further stated that “Gold is quite a straight forward and interesting story based on real life events. As you know, there are hundreds of spectacular achievements made by our people in different sports events but they are not just in public domain. And making a film on these real life events is much better than doing anything else.”

“Take my own case. I was not aware that we grabbed our very first gold medal in Olympics in 1948 itself. Like me, most of us are simply unaware about the circumstances in which we won a medal for the country.

And I think we should make this happen to our countrymen by making a film on the lives of such real time personalities. I hope cinema can present all these things in a nice manner.”