Padmavati Movie Release Date Postponed to February 9, 2018

padmavati movie release date

Amid huge protests and aggression due to fringe elements, the Padmavati movie release date has been postponed. As per unconfirmed sources, the new release date of the movie is going to be February 9, 2018. The movie was earlier scheduled to release on January 12, 2018.


If the reports from Box Office India are to be believed, the offshore distributors have already sent the proposed schedule to a plethora of theatre chains in Canada/US which itself carries the date exactly as February 9, 2018.

padmavati movie release date
padmavati movie release date: Image Credit: YouTube

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Well, all this means that the makers are actually aiming for the February date to release the big budget film. But still, this cannot be called as the final dates due to the controversies already surrounding the movie have made it hard to release the film on time. The release date of Padmavati movie is still not clear in spite of a new date floating in from the maker’s side.

Padmavati director Sanjay Leela Bhansali had to bear lots of protests due to Karni Sena, and others, asking him to ban the film as it hurt the sentiments of those directly connected.

People also announced a number of bounties on his head along with Deepika Padukone in open. Bombay High Court straightaway condemned the threats to those attached with the film. But in spite of all this, protesters continued to make hue and cry and warned the makers not to release the film.

On the other hand, veteran actor and Rajya Sabha member Shatrughan Sinha chose to speak against Bhansali and even slammed him for not screening the film in front of them even before CBFC (Central Board of Film Certification) had certified the movie. The entire event was organized by Karni Sena themselves.

padmavati movie release date
padmavati movie release date| Image Credit: DNA India

The actor spoke in favor of Karni Sena at an event organized by them. He mainly stressed upon a few things while communicating to the members of Rajput Karni Sena that Bhansali could not keep his promise of screening the film in front of them.

Earlier at the event, Sinha was felicitated by presenting him a unique photograph of ‘Queen Padmini’ for opposing the movie.

Now, take a look at Padmavati movie release date offshore-

  • United Arab Emirates- November 30, 2017
  • United Kingdom- December 1, 2017


However, the makers, in an interview with Gulf news stated that the newly released flick will not be released in any offshore territory before it gets a certificate from the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC).

Padmavati Movie Release Date- Why Feb release date will do wonders for the film?

Little did Sanjay Leela Bhansali know that the making of Padmavati would cost him almost everything including his peace of mind. It was all happened right at the time of shooting when a group of activists attacked the crew members of the film at Jaipur.

Bhansali was even thrashed on the sets and even threatened him to death. Well, all this happened at the time of shooting but now, it seems that the tension has now reached an astronomical level. Due to all this, the makers finally decided to postpone the release of the film up to indefinitely.

padmavati movie release date
padmavati movie release date | Image Credit:Times Now

There has been lots of speculation going on regarding the release date. After a lot experimentation with the dates, the makers have finally decided to release in the month of February.

Well, this is because the upcoming three weeks in the month of January is already packed with good films to come. The makers also feel that a grand movie like Padmavati will need some space of its own. And if there is any other film coming on is way, it will obviously affect its business.