Presence of Real Bats Disrupts ‘The Batman’ Screening In Texas

the batman

It all happened during the screening of ‘The Batman’ in Austin, Texas when the presence of real bats started disrupting the film’s screening. Movie goers who came to theatre watching ‘The Batman’ had to witness yet another type of bat which was real.

When people came in to watch ‘The Batman’, an actual bat was spotted swooping around inside the theatre. And this made the movie to pause for a while and the management called animal control. Although, they tried, it was unsuccessful to get the critter out, as per KXAN reported on Friday.

The management of the theatre even offered their money back but most of them chose to sit back and watch the film, according to one moviegoer.

Later it came to know that the bat was actually released into the theatre as a prank. After the incident, the theatre manager Heidi Deno stated that they will be soon “adding additional security and checking all bags upon guest entry.”

Currently, there are no reports of anyone bitten by bats inside the theatre. It’s known that less than 1% of them in the wild have rabies.

Robert Pattinson starrer ‘The Batman’ is basically a superhero film that managed to earn a whopping 128.5 million in its box ofice debut. With that said, the film has got the best opening weekend of 2022.

The success to ‘The Batman’ owes to strong reception from movie goers, positive reviews about the film and some high levels of intrigue to watch the upcoming Caped Crusader. In short, the film is slowly shaping to be a huge commercial winner for Warner Bros.



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