Padmaavat Box Office Collection Day 7- This Multi-Starrer Film About to Touch Rs 150 Crore Mark

Padmaavat box office collection day 7

Padmaavat box office collection Day 7 When we try to look back at the sequence of events that deserted our minds and souls during the shooting of ‘Padmavat’, we hardly expected that the film would do so well. In fact, everyone was skeptical about the performance of this period drama till it was finally released on January 25, 2018.

In spite of lots of hue and cry that we all witnessed in the past from various agitating groups, the newly released Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘Padmavat’ movie emerged as a complete winner.

Padmaavat Box Office Collection Day 2- Deepika Padukone Starrer Moving Ahead By Registering Rs 31 crore

After courting arguments for more than a year, time has come when the audience is busy doing scrutiny of the film in its own style. But since the film has already entered into its 2nd week, it seems everything has been going in perfect shape.

Padmaavat box office collection day 7
Padmaavat box office collection day 7 | Image Credit: The Financial Express

Padmavat starring Ranveer Singh, Shahid Kapoor and Deepika Padukone is doing a fantastic business both at the domestic and international box office.

Regarding the performance of the film, it is breaking all the records and going like rock steady. While mentioning the vital stats of Padmavat, it was revealed that the movie has been successful in keeping the audience’s spirits sky high.  

Padmaavat box office collection day 7- Ranveer Singh starrer all set to touch Rs 200 Crore mark

As Padmavat has already entered into the 7th day, it has minted almost Rs 12.30 crore, registering an overall figure of Rs 149 crore. In the coming time, it is estimated that Deepika Padukone starrer will soon make somewhere close to Rs 200 crore.

All we need is to keep our fingers crossed and wait for some more days to know where exactly this figure goes.

The film has achieved a grand success in spite of being affected due to so many hurdles. As you remember, the release of the film was already blocked in many states in the presence of continued agitation from lots of local groups, who didn’t want the controversial film to get released.

It was actually blocked in some crucial states in India and the tickets were also being sold at usual rates at multiplexes across the country.

Padmaavat box office collection day 7
Padmaavat box office collection day 7 | Image Credit: English News – Dailyhunt

Padmavati is based on a true story that has been picked from the 16th centaury’s famous poet named Malik Muhammad Jayasi. Everything got mired in controversy when a plethora of Rajput groups alleged that Sanjay Leela Bhansali has distorted the historical facts and has presented them in front of the audience. However, Bhansali always denied this and even invited them to watch the film first.

After discussing a lot about Padmavat box office collection, take a look at how the entire unit of the film had to suffer. Well, as per Shahid Kapoor who was one of the leads in the movie recently disclosed “From the beginning, we had to do lots of struggle along with helping ourselves to stay calm and cool in spite of witnessing all the drama center stage.” Shahid is seen playing the character of ‘Maharawal Ratan Singh’ in the movie.

He also said “In any case, we had to be politically fruitful to everybody as we all had to go through a lot. But now we get the feeling of being vindicated.”

Ghoomar song in Padmavat

Ghoomar song in Padmavat took no time touching audience’s hearts. There has been a performance on the song in the recent past where some cheerleaders performed on the track. It all happened at the time of NBA match that was played on January 28. The song has become a rage.

Padmaavat box office collection day 7
Padmaavat box office collection day 7 | Image Credit: The Asian Age

On that day, the viewership of the song was recorded a whopping 6,600 times and it also helped them earn close to 2 million. You can still view the video where cheerleaders are enjoying and dancing on the track. The video was also posted on the social media site as well.


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