PadMan Box Office Prediction- The Film is Expected to Make Rs 13 Crore

Ever since the PadMan trailer was launched, it helped the film to get the kind of promotion that the makers were looking for. The trailer of the film was so promising that it has made the audience thrilled with excitement. Another fact that made people interested in the upcoming movie is due to the presence of Akshay Kumar.

Well, the film is about to release now and as per PadMan box office prediction, the movie is expected to rake in almost Rs 13 crore at the box office. It looks so overwhelming, whenever we witness a new Akshay Kumar movie lined up for the release.

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PadMan Trailer has done a wonderful job

After the trailer, PadMan has become one of the most awaiting movies for now. Its a social drama starring Akshay Kumar and is going to hit the big screen on February 9, 2018.

PadMan box office prediction
PadMan box office prediction | Image Credit: YouTube

If you are one of Akshay Kumar’s avid fan, then you must be aware of his fabulous track record while doing films. Most of his flicks are often loaded with a meaningful story-line. And this time, the film also has the backing of his wife- Twinkle Khanna. As Padmavat has already been released, all eyes on Akshay’s PadMan now.

Movie Name:                                PadMaan 
Genre:                                             Drama, Comedy
Released Date:                            February 9, 2018 
Directed By:                                 R. Balki
Produced By:                               KriArj Entertainment, Hope Productions
Casts:                                              Akshay Kumar, Radhika Apte, Sonam Kapoor

As you might be aware that Akshay Kumar’s films always have a message for the audience, this time too, the film is all set to release by giving audience a specific message. Before we move ahead in this direction, let’s take you through some details of the upcoming movie.

Well, as expected, the movie is based on the real life of Aunachalam Muruganantham. Aunachalam happens to be a social entrepreneur who is based in Coimbatore.

PadMan has some deep meaning in its name, exploring how to make the most affordable and cheap sanitary pads for women. Well, you can see the film discussing about something that has really become a taboo in the majority of places in India.

Now, considering about the average movie goer, do you think that the audience still prefers to spend money to watch such a film in theaters?

PadMan box office prediction
PadMan box office prediction | Image Credit: YouTube

Well, we would like to give the answer in a different way. As per the leading movie business and trade expert- Girish Johar who is having years of experience reporting such cases says, “If you look at the box office collection of Akshay Kumar’s previous film Toilet: Ek Prem Katha, it collected a whopping Rs 134.02 crore, which is a clear proof that clarifies the idea that it all depends on your creativity.

It means how well you are able to present your content ideas in front of the audience. And if you become successful doing that (as it happened during TEPK), the masses not only start connecting with your idea but also start coming out and giving positive reviews as well.

PadMan Box Office Prediction- The film may garner Rs 50 Crore in first week

Now, considering the fact that PadNan’s trailer has already been released, it has already created its magic in people’s eyes and they are really looking forward to watch the entire movie once it gets released. We expect that PadMan box office prediction will go as per the analysis given here.

PadMan box office prediction
PadMan box office prediction | Image Credit: Zee News

PadMan is directed by Karan Johar who feels that R. Balki is one such peculiar director who can perform exceptionally well, even in case of putting forth social causes in front of the audiences.

Now, discussing about PadMan box office prediction, it seems that the movie is bound to do well at the box office. As per Johar, the film is eyeing at something around Rs 13-14 crore. It could further collect as much as Rs 50 crore in its opening weekend. While talking about the number of screens, the film will be shown at approx. 2,000 screens across the country.

Like the release of Padmavat that is still creating ripples across the audience minds and souls, it is expected that PadMan will also behave almost like that. It is expected that PadMan will see a stiff competition from Padmavat.

Another fact is that Padmavat is now 2 weeks old, and people are expecting something afresh in theaters. Here, Akshay Kumar’s film has advantage as there is no other films to get released and the audience can really concentrate enjoying the film for now.



In today’s market, if you present films that have some meaningful content, you always have a chance about your film to perform well at the box office. And this is what PadMan’s innovative approach to the audience has been till now, as it has been successful to spread a positive word of mouth to the audience.


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PadMan box office prediction
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