Hindi Medium Movie Goes Tax Free in Madhya Pradesh

hindi medium movie

The good news about Hindi Medium movie is that people have started liking the storyline as well as the individual performances in the film. If we try to figure out the execution of Hindi Medium and Half Girlfriend (both released on the same date), then it seems that Irrfan Khan’s film is going miles ahead than the other one.

The latest update about Irrfan Khan and Saba Qamar movie is that it’s going tax free in Madhya Pradesh.

Both Irrfan and Saba are seen narrating the same old saga in the film that revolves around the middle class people who want to take an entry into the likes of the elite.

 hindi medium movie
hindi medium movie | Image Credit: YouTube

The plot emerges when a couple wishes to send their daughter to a high standard English Medium school in the capital of the country. All they want is to feed their child with top education by admitting their kid to a top notch school in Delhi.

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If you happen to be an Irrfan Khan fan, you are expected to be aware about his personality. What we have noticed is that Irrfan is one such actor who doesn’t fit into the prime league of stars like Salman Khan or ShahRukh Khan but still manages to hog headlines more aggressively than others. This time, he is in the news not because for any other reason but due to his power packed performance in his newly released film- Hindi Medium.

Hindi Medium movie is not only a dream project of Irrfan but also for Saba Qamar, a Pakistani actress who is making a debut from this film. The current and latest news is that the film is being appreciated by the masses and their hard work has started paying them off through a strong word of mouth.

Hindi Medium movie narrates true story of a middle class couple who has no choice but to constantly fight for the betterment of their daughter

The direction in the film has been given by Saket Chaudhary. The plot relates to the lives of hundreds of a middle class couple who dream to enter the likes of the elite. After all, it’s their right to provide top education to their children, like eminent and rich couples.

hindi medium movie
hindi medium movie | Image Credit: YouTube

According to the couple, the best possible way to do this is by admitting their daughter to a top English Medium school. The film shows all the struggle that both the parents have to go through.

Hindi Medium movie now clears the nod to go tax free in MP (Madhya Pradesh). Producer Bhushan Kumar reacted “I feel overwhelmed that both the chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan and Govt. of MP has taken an initiative and helped us in making the film tax free in MP”. Hindi Medium movie better looks like a slice of life mixed with comedy.

The film portrays Saba and Irrfan as Mita and Raj, who don’t want to take chances, to help their daughter getting quality education. Apart from this, the film also highlights a plethora of other issues connected with middle class couples to sustain their life with pride and dignity.