Once Human PlayStation 5 Game Release Date

Once Human PlayStation 5 Release Date

Once Human PlayStation 5 Release Date: The launch of Once Human on PC game has been somewhat rocky, receiving a mixed response.

This open-world survival game, developed by Starry Studio, is going to give you a kind of supernatural horror twist.

Please note that the current version of the game is a bit messy. The development team is working to resolve issues and improve the experience for players.

Despite this, there’s still a bit of uncertainty surrounding its availability. For example, ther are many users who are curious about the PlayStation 5 release date for Once Human Game.


When is Once Human Coming to PS5?

At present, there has been no official announcement for Once Human on PlayStation 5 release date. However, Starry Studio, the game’s developer, has expressed intentions to eventually port the survival crafting game to consoles like the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. The above process is bound to take some time though.

At present, Starry Studio’s immediate priorities are centered around the PC launch of the game, followed by plans for a mobile release on Android and iOS platforms.

There are no communication yet regarding a specific release date for consoles.


Is Once Human on PS4?

Regarding the game’s potential release on last-gen systems, it remains a possibility.

Once Human’s requirements are not excessively demanding, making it feasible for these older hardware platforms. However, the developer has categorically stated that there are no current plans for such a release.

As of now, Once Human is exclusively available on PC; it cannot be played on PS4 or PS5. While the game could potentially expand to other platforms in the future, including consoles, whether this will occur remains uncertain at this time.

Once more details emerge about a console release date for Once Human, we’ll keep you informed! Despite initial launch issues, Once Human attracted over 120,000 players on its first day!


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