World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Classic Top Primary Professions

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Classic


  • The Cataclysm expansion in the World of Warcraft did not introduce new primary professions but added new recipes and ingredients
  • Skinning is basically a kind of gathering profession primarily selected by Rogue and Hunter characters. It’s used to obtain materials in World of Warcraft
  • Engineering in WoW happens to be the most versatile profession as it simply provides a range of valuable items like mounts, explosives, toys, gear, and trinkets


World of Warcraft

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In the World of Warcraft, customizing a character basically means to select professions, with each character which is able to have two in their spellbook simultaneously.

Although, the Cataclysm expansion never introduced new primary professions but expanded the variety of ingredients, recipes, and innovative methods to acquire them.


In World of Warcraft, primary professions are divided into gathering professions, that basically involve collecting and finding various ingredients, and production professions.

To make out the best professions looks quite subjective, and recent changes introduced in Cataclysm have enhanced some of the top professions even further.



11 Skinning

Gathering Profession

Rogue in World of Warcraft Cataclysm

In WoW, it’s been a common occurrence to check Hunters frequently opting for skinning not only for its role-playing appeal but also because it allows them to gather valuable materials such as leather and scales from a variety of animals.

It may also include lizards and dinosaurs as well. As skinners are found mostly advanced in skill, they can harvest materials directly from formidable creatures like dragonkin, emphasizing the importance of looting these epic remains.

Skinning stands out as one of the most specialized primary professions mainly as the materials collected have limited applications beyond crafting specific items, particularly gear.

Now, this specialization also means that leather goods often command high prices, providing characters with opportunities to earn substantial profits by selling excess materials.


10 Herbalism

Gathering Profession

camp narache south entrance cataclysm wow


Herbalism not only means to attain knowledge regarding plants but also to utilize them at the best place and time. This is the reason why Tauren excel in this profession. The most common production professions paired with Herbalism include Inscription, or Alchemy, as both of which rely heavily on herbs to be their main ingredient.

Alternatively, for those looking forward for trade instead of crafting, selling herbs on the Auction House is a viable option. With their dual usefulness in multiple professions, these humble plants have increased in value.


9 Blacksmithing

Production Profession


Blacksmithing happens to be quite a less exciting venture unless the gamer starts personally using the items they forge. Most Blacksmiths also take up Mining as to purchase these items can be a costly affair. Mining serves as a lucrative method to earn additional gold.

8 Leatherworking

Production Profession

wow defias cataclysm drops

Leatherworking comes out to be a great profession that primarily crafts medium armor used by classes like Hunters, Shamans, Druids, and Rogues. There are a few exceptions that basically include riding crops and armor kits that can largely benefit any character by improving gear durability and ground mount speed.

Unlike other professions, Leatherworking doesn’t necessitate special equipment such as anvils or specific vials for crafting, making it well-suited for the outdoor-oriented classes that often choose this path.


7 Mining

Gathering Profession


Mining is widely regarded to be the most versatile profession mainly for generating additional gold, enjoying considerable popularity and profitability.

It not only provides essential resources like gemstones, gold, copper, along with some magical nodes. At the same time, it also offers players the thrill of uncovering treasures through the newly introduced secondary profession of Archaeology.


6 Enchanting

Production Profession

elwynn forest darkmoon faire wow

Enchanting happens to be a cornerstone profession in Warcraft, especially in Classic’s early days when high-level enchants greatly boosted the effectiveness of lower-level gear and weapons.

5 Tailoring

Production Profession

magic carpet cataclysm world of warcraft

Many Warlocks and Mages choose Tailoring as a primary profession because it produces numerous best-in-slot items. Gathering materials for Tailoring doesn’t depend on another profession since cloth drops from humanoid enemies rather than being gathered from specific nodes.

Tailors are also known for creating a variety of fashionable cosmetic outfits like nightgowns and tuxedos, that are highly sought after for role-playing and personal enjoyment. The above profession is quite profitable on servers where players prioritize the aesthetic appeal of their characters’ attire.


4 Inscription

Production Profession

inscription trainer orgrimmar cataclysm world of warcraft


Inscription debuted in The Wrath of the Lich King expansion and synergizes effectively with Herbalism or Enchanting.

The primary tool of an Inscriptionist is ink, crafted from herbs. Players have the option to purchase these herbs or undertake Herbalism to gather them independently.


3 Alchemy

Production Profession

interior argonimical apothocary dalaran

Every guild relies on a few skilled Alchemists to craft essential flasks, elixirs, and potions necessary for both raiding and PvP combat.

A few of the above preparations can be quite costly and often require collaboration with other professions like Mining and Herbalism to gather the necessary ingredients.

2 Jewelcrafting

Production Profession

jewelcrafter silvermoon cataclysm world of warcraft

The expansion that unveiled the opulent culture of the Blood Elves also introduced Jewelcrafting. It’s not just about creating rings and necklaces, which can provide bonuses while leveling up, but also about cutting high-level gems essential for endgame challenges.


1 Engineering

Production Profession

bilgewater cartel quartermaster orgrimmar cataclysm wow


Engineering is one branch that holds its position in World of Warcraft since the game’s inception. Its extensive and impressive array of useful trinkets, gear, toys, and even mounts includes explosives, goggles, motorcycles, along with other items like defibrillators and parachutes.

To sell out out the above resources, they use to craft items like the Mechano-hog, Engineers can amass considerable wealth, with some crafted items ranking among the most valuable in the WoW game.


world of warcraft box art


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