PUBG Mobile KR’s APK & OBB Download Link for Android

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PUBG Mobile: Without any doubt, PUBG mobile game has become one of the favorites among the masses worldwide.

It means thousands of people across the world not only like to play the game but also seem to be interested in knowing all the new updates as well.

While this being said, players across the globe are able to play the global version of PUBG Mobile by the very famous Tencent Games.

But for the people of Japan and Korea, a separate but similar game by the name PUBG Mobile KR is widely available by the name Krafton.

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Although, both Korean and Japanese PUBG game look similar to the global one, there are some differences that players can’t figure out in most cases.

As the game is most popular, the company makes constant updates in its versions. In that connection, PUBG Mobile recently released its latest patch 1.4. Well, the game is now available with far more features like over-the-shoulder (OTS) mode, Coupe RB sports car and Titan Strikes mode.



After this update, the company is looking forward to make some more features like arena map Hangar and Royale Pass 19 that are expected to be available very soon.

Now, if you are one of the existing or new users of PUBG Mobile, you simply need to update your game by visiting the Google Play Store on Android devices.

In case, you are unable to get the required update, you need to make it work manually.

For that, you need to manually download the APK and other OBB files for the game. You need to do only this much to play PUBG Mobile KR’s version 1.4.0.

Now, take a look at the download links that are available for the game:

  • APK (about 65 MBs required)
  • OBB file (about 619 MBs required)


How to install PUBG Mobile’s APK and OBB Manually?

Those players who are unable to manually download PUBG Mobile files on their android devices need to follow the below mentioned steps:

  • First, you need to locate all the files after you download them on your android device
  • Click on the APK to start the download process
  • You are required to enable the apps installation from unknown sources. You can find them in the settings of your android device
  • For example, if you are the owner of an android 11, you need to visit Settings > Apps and notifications > Special app access > Install unknown apps.
  • Next, copy the OBB files to the relevant folder
  • Finally, copy the OBB files to Android > OBB > com.pubg.krmobile

After you are able to complete the following steps, your PUBG Mobile KR game is ready to open with all the new updates and features.


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