Netflix’s Most-Watched Web Series: Squid Game Loses Top Spot to Obliterated Season 1 – Explore the Full Top-10 List

Netflix Top 10 Most Watched Web Series

Obliterated Season 1 overtakes Squid Game: The Challenge Season 1 for the top position. Here’s the full rundown of Netflix’s Top-10 Most-Watched Web Series.



Netflix consistently delivers a plethora of entertaining web series, drawing in millions of viewers and immense popularity. This week brings another lineup of the Top-10 Most-Watched Web Series. Previously, Squid Game: The Challenge Season 1 held the top position until Obliterated: Season 1 took over.

Through good, bad, and ordinary days, Netflix has been a constant source of comfort, offering diverse content from various countries and genres to uplift or resonate with our emotions. Dive in for more details.

Series such as Bad Surgeon: Love Under the Knife: Season 1, Squid Game: The Challenge: Season 1, Young Sheldon: Season 1, and others have made a comeback, landing in various positions on the list.


Obliterated: Season 1

The action-packed drama has dethroned Squid Game: The Challenge: Season 1 from the top spot, accumulating 61.5 million hours watched and amassing 9 million views.


My Life With the Walter Boys: Season 1

The show, premiered on Netflix on December 7th, follows the story of Jackie, a 15-year-old who tragically loses her family in a car accident. She subsequently moves in with her guardian and a household of twelve boys. Garnering 7.5 million views, the series has accumulated 57.4 million hours of viewership. Explore its review here.


Squid Game: The Challenge: Season 1

Last week’s leading reality game series, inspired by the intense K-Drama, has been dethroned and now holds the third position with 6.6 million views. Squid Game: The Challenge Season 1, however, has amassed 54.1 million hours of viewership.


Bad Surgeon: Love Under the Knife: Season 1

Last week, the mini-series held the second position and delves into Dr. Paolo Macchiarini’s stem cell-infused windpipe transplants, exploring the mishaps surrounding them. Accumulating 5 million views, the series has been watched for 13.3 million hours.


World War II: From the Frontlines: Season 1

This docuseries presents enhanced archival footage depicting events from World War II. Released on December 7th on Netflix, it swiftly entered the top-10 most-watched web series list within its initial week. Accumulating 20.3 million hours of viewership, the series has garnered 4.2 million views.


The Crown: Season 6

The Crown: Season 6 has maintained its presence on Netflix’s Most-Watched Web Series list for four consecutive weeks. Previously in the fourth position, the series has accumulated 2.5 million views and has been watched for 8.2 million hours.


CoComelon Lane: Season 1

The endearing series following JJ and his friends as they celebrate life’s milestones has deeply resonated with viewers, amassing 2.4 million views and an impressive 9.5 million hours of viewership.


Virgin River: Season 5

Virgin River: Season 5 has now landed on Netflix’s Most-Watched Web Series list for the eighth time. With 2.2 million views and a total of 20.3 million hours watched, it continues to captivate audiences. 


Young Sheldon: Season 1

Once again, the spin-off series from the popular sitcom The Big Bang Theory has secured its place on the list, boasting 1.9 million views and accumulating 13.9 million hours of viewership.


Young Sheldon: Season 2

Securing the final spot on the list, the second season of Young Sheldon has accrued 10.3 million hours of viewership and garnered 1.4 million views.



These captivating shows have kept viewers engrossed, earning their place in Netflix’s Top-10 Most-Watched Web Series List thanks to dedicated binge-watching. Stay tuned to discover which shows will claim a spot on the chart next week.



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