Narendra Modi Biopic Will Be Soon Released- Affirms Paresh Rawal

narendra modi biopic
narendra modi biopic

As per the latest news coming in right from Bollywood, you might witness Narendra Modi biopic in the time to come. This was confirmed by none other than Paresh Rawal who will be featuring in the film.

When asked to give more insights about the sensational project, he said the biopic will be on the floors, most probably later this year. However, at the moment, he looks too busy working on different other projects.


narendra modi biopic
narendra modi biopic | Image Credit: Deccan Chronicle

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For now, you will be able to watch him playing the role of Sunil Dutt in one of the most hyped films made by Rajkumar Hirani ever- Sanju. The upcoming film will star Ranbir Kapoor as one of the main leads. The movie will be released on June 29, 2018.

Paresh Rawal has been a part of numerous blockbuster movies in the past. He is one of the fine faces of Bollywood who has been credited working in as many number of Bollywood films. He has taken every single project as a challenge and even included Narendra Modi biopic as one of his challenges.

Paresh is an indisputable part of the Hindi film industry for the last 3 decades and is involved in accomplishing so many quality projects. He will be playing the role of legendary actor Sunil Dutt in his biopic titled “Sanju”. 

Rawal calls himself humbled on playing the character of Sunil Dutt in Sanju, but on the other hand, takes a challenge while working in the Narendra Modi biopic, to be released later in the year.

Narendra Modi biopic announcement date

Well, we still remember the time when Narendra Modi biopic was announced. It was somewhere in the last year but we could not ascertain its progress till date.

It became visible to the masses only when Paresh announced it in the media. Rawal recently confirmed about the timing of the release of the biopic but didn’t provide any fixed date as he hopes it might release in the next few months.

This is what he has to say “At present, we are in the process of locking the script of the biopic and expect it to finish within the shortest span of time. We are going to shoot for the film either in September or October.”

Narendra Modi biopic will feature Gujrat Riots in 2002. Paresh Rawal who has been performing in Bollywood for so long calls it tricky.

Rawal, apart from being a Bollywood true campaigner, also happens to be a top BJP leader and a proud MP (Member of Parliament).

When asked to give details on Narendra Modi biopic, he disclosed that it won’t be so easy to be at par in terms of everybody’s expectations.

Well, if we go a little ahead in the past and analyze Paresh Rawal’s journey of doing films, he (for the first time) had played the role of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel in his biopic, titled “Sardar“.

At the moment, everybody is looking way too optimistic to see him performing like Narendra Modi, but fans look quite eager to at least get a glimpse of the first look of the biopic.


Narendra Modi Biopic will uncover all his struggle in the life- from being a tea seller to the PM of India


The Narendra Modi biopic is being produced by him and the details of the film will be revealed only after the shooting commences.

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At this time, we only know that he has his own production house by the name- OMG (Oh My God). It’s bankrolled with none other than Akshay Kumar.

In the past, Rawal was also seen playing the role of an atheist, Kanjibhai.


narendra modi biopic
narendra modi biopic | Image Credit:


Well, if we take out the reports published in the past, the making of the movie can be easily linked to an NRI filmmaker- Mitesh Patel who is credited to put forth the idea of making Narendra Modi biopic.

It has been revealed that Patel was always keen to make a Narendra Modi biopic in the coming time. He even invested a sum of over Rs 40 crores on the forthcoming project and assigned Paresh Rawal to play the lead role.

Rawal divulged his views on the project and affirmed that it is still alive and almost three fourths of the script has already been completed.

While expressing his final thoughts on the upcoming biopic and said it is just not about mimicry that you are expected to do in the film. It’s going to be much more than that. And today, there are many who are perfect in doing the mimicry of Narendra Modi.


Playing Modiji on the big screen is not all about doing mimicry


“The role is going to be much more difficult as it will demand everything, not just mimicry. Right now, I am in the process of meeting him so often to know more about him. But it won’t work by just meeting him or seeing him.

It will be difficult when you are detached and start preparing of your own. You can’t just convince yourself by only seeing Modiji. It won’t work that way.”

Rawal later disclosed some more facets about the future Narendra Modi biopic and primarily discussed about the content in the film.

He said the upcoming biopic will uncover the most controversial riots happened in Gujrat in the year 2002. It will display how Modiji was made accused in the form of a conspirator who triggered all the violence and gore.

“You will come across everything in the film. For example, the notion about people who look crazy and roam all across, and those who are acting like judiciary, everything will be shown in the film”.

Albeit, the NRI filmmaker believes that it will be the perfect time to make Narendra Modi biopic but denies that it is being made just for the image building for Modi.

He also disclosed how his forthcoming film mainly delves into the PM Modi achieving his milestone from just being a tea seller. Patel said “I’m quite impressed by his struggle and achievements in his life, and so got the idea to give a positive message to both the audience and the people of the nation”.

Now, you might be wondering how the script was made on the emerging concept. Well, we must tell you that it was all relied on the writers Kishore Makwana and Mihir Bhuta.

Both of them are close Modi associates and are currently helping Patel by providing him with all the legible information on Modiji. As you see, the Narendra Modi biopic is going to be a mix of fiction and fact.

Patel wants his upcoming movie to be on the same pattern like Bhaag Milkha Bhaag (2013) that showed the entire struggle of the sporting legend known as  athlete Milkha Singh.