IPL Betting- Arbaaz Khan Is Summoned By Mumbai Thane Police

IPL betting
IPL betting

A new case in connection with IPL betting has come on to the surface targeting Bollywood star Arbaaz Khan. After the name of Bollywood producer and actor is revealed, the probe has now been started.


IPL betting
IPL betting | Image Credit: Inuth.com


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It is going to be taken seriously by the Mumbai Thane police as a lot of money might be involved in the current IPL betting case. As per the latest information collected in this regard, Arbaaz Khan has been asked to come and join the probe.

Cricket Betting

The IPL cricket series has just been concluded and witnessed as many number of top Bollywood stars including Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Ranbir Kapoor, etc. It all happened in the IPL 2018 final that was going overloaded with glitz and glamour in the presence of some of the most illustrious entertainment industry players.

After going through a series of investigations on the preliminary grounds, it was revealed that Arbaaz Khan (brother of superstar Salman Khan) reportedly undergone many IPL bids with the help of some of the top bookies named as Sonu Batla (Sonu Jalan). After the scam was unearthed, Jalan was arrested by the Mumbai Thane cops.

As per the story curated by Financial Express, he was spotted near the Kalyan court where the accused had come to meet his accomplice in the IPL betting scam. As soon as the police came to know about the whereabouts of intruders, they got alerted their special wing officers and finally managed to nab Jalan.

After the team of Times Now contacted with Salim Khan (Arbaaz Khan’s father) in connection with the IPL betting case, he asserted that his son is currently in the town and he has no clues about Sonu Jalan.


IPL betting- Mumbai police is scanning the case to ascertain the direct involvement of Arbaaz Khan


But as per the sources close to the investigating authorities, it was revealed that Arbaaz was in fact in connection with the bookie and was even being threatened by him to settle an amount of Rs 2.8 crore.



IPL betting } Image Credit: Republic World

Image Credit: Republic World


The prima-facie of the case looks too horrifying as it is being reported in the media that Jalan has connection with underworld don Dawood Ibrahim.

The cricket betting culprit even has a world of high profile racket and a plethora of clients from South Africa and other nations.

Now, you might be interested in knowing how they used to commit the IPL betting comfortably. Well, in order to accomplish the task, they used software and run a high profile racket including eminent executives from the corporate world.

The matter which is currently getting authenticated by the cops is how they were successful in circulating the money and sending it to other offshore destinations.

Not only that, the Mumbai Thane Police has also come to know some more facts about Jalan. One of those is the fact that he was living a luxury life and even had a number of flats and properties on his name in Mumbai.

Now, it is still being scanned if the Bollywood producer and actor Arbaaz Khan is directly involved in the IPL betting scam or not.