Marvel Avengers Infinity War Becomes Fastest Movie to Reach $1 Billion Mark


Do you still believe that Marvel Avengers Infinity War is left to break any other record? Well, we do not think so, especially by looking at the awesome figures at the box office.

marvel avengers infinity war
marvel avengers infinity war | Image Credit: YouTube


There is no doubt that Marvel Avengers Infinity War is rising on the top. As per the recent update, the Hollywood film has become the fast movie ever to reach $1 billion mark. What else you need!


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At this time, the Disney film is heading fast to vaporize its presence in the 2nd week itself and even registered its name to become the fastest film to cruise $1 billion mark at the global box office.


Movie Name:                               Avengers Infinity War
Genre:                                             Superhero
Released Date:                           April 27, 2018
Directed By:                                 Joe Russo, Anthony Russo
Produced By:                                Kevin Feige
Casts:                                              Chris Hemsworth, Robert Downey Jr., Tom Holland


Other than that, the  movie has already collected another $112 million as well, which is of course, the 2nd biggest weekend ever, right behind everybody’s favourite Star Wars The Force Awakens, that has shattered all previous records by collecting a whopping $450 million in Canada and the U.S.


marvel avengers infinity war
marvel avengers infinity war | Image Credit: We Got This Covered


By looking at the grand success of Marvel Avengers Infinity War, the makers are already feeling jubilant, especially after the film has sweeped past the cumulative total of a plethora of successful movies in the past that include Spider-Man Homecoming, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Thor Ragnarok.

Well, all we can say that records are continuously being set across the globe and it is still looking forward to release in China, which is again a huge market and will obviously draw a vast audience.


Marvel Avengers Infinity War Success Owes to Marvel and Disney Studios 

You might be willing to know the name of the movie that has been trailing at the 2nd place. Well, it is none other than “Overboard”- trailing by a whopping $98 million. This one happened to be a gender-swapped film and was the remake of a comedy, full of romance that was released in 1987 having the same title.


marvel avengers infinity war
marvel avengers infinity war | Image Credit: YouTube


The lead role in this romantic comedy was played by Eugenio Derbez and Anna Faris and was produced under Lions-gate banner. The latest news about the film is that it is going to open in Mexico this week. The film managed to earn A rating- Cinema score.



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