102 Not Out Box Office Collection Day 2- Amitabh Bachchan Stardom Creating Magic at Box Office


102 Not Out box office collection day 2– As we have stated in our last post, it seems that senior Bachchan’s stardom is one of the reasons why his latest flick 102 Not Out is performing well at the box office.

Other than that, the film’s initial success owes to the hard work of every single person associated in making of the film. Well, by looking at the film’s progress, it looks like that the movie will gear up in collections over the weekend.


102 Not Out box office collection day 2
102 Not Out box office collection day 2 | Image Credit: YouTube


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On the other hand, another release that we are discussing about is Omerta. The newly released film could not gain momentum on its opening day and had a slow start.

For now, Amitabh Bachchan-Rishi Kapoor’s 102 Not Out will have to face some stiff competition from Marvel’s Avengers Infinity War. This film continues to rock at the box office. As per an update, Avengers Infinity War has collected almost Rs 200 crores at the end of day 6.

Before we let you know more about 102 Not Out box office collection day 2, let’s take a look about audience reaction on the new jodi of senior Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor. Well, in terms of critics, the ‘jodi’ of these mega stars has been able to garner mixed reviews from the audience. The opening day of the film managed to witness a collection of Rs 3.52 crore.

102 Not Out box office collection day 2
102 Not Out box office collection day 2 | Image Credit: Bollywoodlife.com


But the film managed to surpass the predictions of trade experts and able to struck a chord with the spectators, especially for the easy and light script, along with the performance of Rishi and senior Bachchan.

By going to what the film has to offer to the audience, it is highly expected that people will definitely move from their houses out to watch this light hearten comedy drama in the coming days.

102 Not Out Box Office Collection Day 2- The film is expected to rock over the weekend

Now, have a look at what trade analyst had to say on the collections that the film made on the first day. “Like we tend to see a plenty of content driven films opening on a slow note, they most of the times, gain momentum with the passage of time. This indicates that the film might perform well over the weekend, with Friday collections- Rs 3.52 cr. India biz.”


102 Not Out box office collection day 2
102 Not Out box office collection day 2 | Image Credit: ndtv.com


Another film that was also released on May 4 is Ometra starring none other than Rajkumar Rao. Even if both the films suddenly start gaining momentum at the box office, they would have to face a real challenge from Avengers Infinity War in the coming time.

Umesh Shukla, who has given the directions in the film has adapted a Gujrati play, written by Saumya Joshi.

Shukla, in one of his interviews says that both the overly aged characters become completely different entity once they are loaded with their cloths and makeup.

They might be stars but when they have to come on the sets, it becomes an altogether different experience. In short, all these things simply vanish, even when such big stars are performing on the sets.



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